Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015 – Travel Day to Caledonia

Didn’t bother to set the alarm, as we only had a 3 ½ hour drive today, with no real stops except Tractor Supply to pick up some Balancer. We managed to pack up, exchange contact numbers with several of our neighbors, and finish at the dump before 10:30 or so. The Tractor Supply in Lowville didn’t have the Balancer, so we ended up stopping at the one in Webster, our second stop (after frozen custard along Route 104), arriving at the alpaca farm in Caledonia right around 3:00. In less than an hour the horses were settled into their new pasture (the old one was now housing a new boarder), the RV was watered and electrified, the satellite dish was up, and the washing machine was working up a storm. Chatted with the ladies who owned it for a while, then settled into the evening, hanging out laundry and watching movies until bedtime.

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