Saturday, April 24, 2021 – A Bit of Preparation Today

Hi Babe,
Managed to accomplish getting a lot of little things done today, in preparation for my departure on Monday. Checked the power steering fluid and it was perfect, checked the air in the truck tires, the back four were fine, the front two just needed a couple of pounds, I repaired a couple of things with superglue, including the lid on the garbage can that Lola had unceremoniously shoved off the bench seat in the dining room the other day and broken. I tried to find another one at Walmart yesterday, but all they had were huge ones, so I just fixed it with superglue and duct-tape, that should hold for a little while, anyway. Did some housekeeping and laundry, made up some satin balls for Lola, did my PT exercises, and still managed to play a bunch of computer games and read in between. It’s what passes for a busy day these days, though it’s nothing compared to the way it used to be, when I didn’t have time for anything. Got a lot done, at a leisurely pace, kind of nice. Anyway, I’m further along in getting ready than I thought I’d be, and since I’m only traveling about 80 miles on Monday, it should be an easy trip as long as nothing goes wrong. Finally settled in for the evening, a few hours of telly, and now it’s time for shower and bed. Good night, my sweet! Love you!

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