Saturday, April 22, 2017- Another Rest Day

We had heard from Ryan that this was the last weekend of turkey season, and had fully expected more campers to join us last night, which they didn’t, and to hear gunfire this morning, which we also didn’t. I only heard a vehicle or two pass by all day, and some ATVer’s in the late afternoon, but otherwise it’s been nice a quiet again today. If it was quiet today, we originally had hoped to take a short ride this afternoon, but for some reason, we were both still achey and feeling tired, so we decided to relax for another day. As I was feeding the horses their dinner, it started to sprinkle a bit (there was about a 70% chance of rain in the forecast for overnight), so I put out every bucket we had, as well as Lola’s little pool, strategically placed to catch every drop of rain that ran off the awning and gutters. It’s not that we have a shortage of water, but we always try to conserve whenever we can, and it took a long time to fill up the 100 gallon tank in the truck, so any time we can save on the next fill-up is appreciated. Since this place has no water supply, it’s just a prudent thing to do anyway. By dark, the rain had started coming down pretty good, and the 70% chance turned into 100% and lasted for hours. It was still raining when we headed off the bed! Another relaxing day, hoping it clears up enough for a short exploratory ride tomorrow!

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