Saturday, April 20, 2013 – Shopping and Sun Day

Slept so late we missed the free breakfast downstairs, so we headed out around brunchtime to a place called Hobee’s, which had a spectacular menu which was very well executed. Came back to the hotel and truly indulged ourselves by sitting out by the pool for awhile, though the water was a bit too cool to do anything than briefly plunk myself into to cool off, which took half a second, then back out under the warm California sun. Brunch was so late and so filling we didn’t need anything else but a few snacks for the rest of the day. A nice relaxing day which we really needed, and the beds are more comfortable here. We’ve had the window open to let the cool night air in, and so we could turn off the A/C, but then we hear the noise from the parking lot below, which isn’t bad, just enough to make me have to wear earplugs. I honestly don’t know how people can stand to live in all this noise, but I suppose they get used to it after awhile. I guess I must have, too, at some earlier point in my life, but it certainly isn’t my preference!

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