Monday, November 29, 2010 – Visit to the UFO Museum

The night was very cold last night, and we worried about the horses on the highline. Our original plan had been to ride today or tomorrow and leave on Wednesday, but this weather is just not getting any better, and the terrain here, frankly, seems like it would be a pretty boring ride, so we decided to use today to get caught up and head out tomorrow to Carlsbad. Managed to contact Luanne from the Carlsbad Horsemen’s Association, who said we were welcome to stay at the Sheriff’s Posse Arena, where there were stalls and water available, at no charge. Since our other option was either Brantley Lake State Park, which was a good 30 minutes further away from the Caverns (our main purpose for going there), or find a farm or ranch nearby, as the only campground near Carlsbad was White’s City, which had such terrible reviews on the internet we didn’t want to go there. So we decided on the Arena for a few days, as horses apparently aren’t allowed anywhere near the National Park, so trail riding here wasn’t something in the plans. Once those plans were made, we headed off to Roswell to visit the International UFO Museum, which proved to be a very interesting walk through reams of affidavits from people who claim to have come in different contact with all aspects of “The Roswell Incident,” as well as a number of other fascinating exhibits. We spent a couple of hours there, then ran a few more errands before returning to the park and spending the rest of the day getting ready to depart in the morning.

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