Monday, November 22, 2010 – Travel Day back to Albuquerque

Slept until 10:00, discovered that checkout was at 11:00 (we had expected 12:00), so we raced around packing, getting out just in time. Ran errands for a while before finding a nice Indian restaurant on our way to the airport. We realized we would be arriving too late to pick up our van at the repair shop, so I decided to rent a car rather than getting a taxi. Went onto (my first time!), and managed to secure a car from Hertz for $20, plus another $18 in “fees” (how do they get away with that?), but still figured we came out ahead. Had a safe and uneventful flight home, had no trouble picking up the rental car, arrived back at Diane’s before 9:00. Dogs were super excited to see us (once they woke up enough to realize we were back), and even the horses whinnied at us when they saw us. We left everything in the car, exhausted, so we just had a quick nightcap and went off to bed!

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