Monday, May 25, 2020 – Perfectly Lazy Memorial Day

Hey Babe,
After another good night sleep, it was a beautiful morning, so I sat out in the screen room for a while, but I eventually had to come inside because across the road from me was a family in a camper that never stopped yelling at their kids or each other, or whoever else they brought with them. The only time I’ve had any peace was when they either all went to the bathhouse or they all went to the lake with their boat. Whenever they came back there was constant screaming, mostly about nothing. I can’t tell you how happy I was when they finally packed up and pulled out! No horses, just a boat. I decided not to get involved in any projects today, or even to go riding, as it got really hot. It never rained (despite the forecast, again!), but it was close to 90 degrees. By afternoon I was in the trailer with the AC on anyway. So I spent the day mostly reading, a little television, a couple of computer games, watched a movie for a change, a really lazy day. I figure if I recharge today, I’ll be ready to tackle a couple of jobs tomorrow, starting with the leak in the refrigerator, which I have to locate and hopefully, fix. I took Lola for one quick walk around the campground, on a leash, just to see who was left, and there are two campsites still occupied, one with horses and one without, both in tents. Not sure how long they’ll be here, but it certainly is much quieter in camp now! Still going to use my earplugs though, so whinnying and birds won’t wake me in the morning. Time for shower and bed now. Good night, my love!

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