Monday, June 27, 2022 – Bad Start, But Ended Up Quiet

Hi Darlin’,
Never a dull moment around here! After chores, I did my rounds, and as I was passing the “dog trailer” on my way back home, the couple were having a very loud and violent argument. He was throwing stuff into the back of his truck and she was screaming at him, and I saw they had four dogs with them. They paused their argument enough for me to say that I noticed they had four dogs, and she answered back that they had two permits, which I explained was for two campsites and they were only occupying one, and intimated they were related, or at least together. She quickly refuted that they weren’t family, so the two permits were valid, which was ridiculous. Then with all their ranting, the dogs got loose and started wandering off, and they chased after them trying to round them up, and they actually started following me! The woman caught one, the other three were following me, the guy managed to grab two and I grabbed the other, and the guy was saying something about, the way she treated me yesterday was the same way she was treating him all day, and evidently he was sick of it. He returned the dogs, then came back to tell me he was leaving, and that he was taking his generator and the rest of his stuff with him. Then she showed up all fake crying and claiming that he had pushed her, he said she was lying, I asked if she wanted me to call law enforcement, she said yes, then I said that they would be citing her for having four dogs, which shut her down instantly. He left and she was forced to grovel a bit, asking to use my phone so she could call her son to come help here. The guy drove off, I let her use my phone, she said she’d be back to pick up her trailer “later”, and I informed her that in accordance with the rules she had 24 hours to either stay in it or remove it, though I know there’s now way anyone could stay in it without a generator running the AC, and the guy took that with him. She finished her call and went to pack up, though she didn’t do much before she drove off with her dogs, well puppies, actually, humongous 6 or 7 month old puppies that already had 20 lbs. on Lola. Needless to say, things got a lot quieter after that! James called and we chatted about it, but I told him it was pretty much resolved at that point, just a matter of getting the trailer moved, though I mentioned I had a trailer hitch and could tow it wherever they wanted were it not claimed :-). I did few chores, swept out the porch, fixed one of the snaps for the screen skirting that came off a while back, made Lola her satin balls, then figured out how many more posts I needed for the green trail after my reconnaissance the other day, finally settled down for a quiet afternoon and evening of TV binge-watching. Ready for shower and bed, so good night, sweetie! Love you!

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