Monday, Feb. 9, 2015 – Ride Day at Pedernales State Park

After another week of uneventful living, Hubby and I packed up the horses and trailered over the nearby Pedernales State Park. Though not our favorite place, we were combining it with another activity nearby, so off we went. Rather than argue with the rangers about where we could park, and since we wanted to explore the nicer trails on the southern end of the park, we parked on a nice open corner across the street from the entrance to the park. Booted and saddled, we headed across the road and headed east along the utility line to the little used horse camp, then north around the hills and trees on a trail we had done before, but didn't enjoy nearly as much, because last time we had been forced to park miles to the north, and were exhausted by the time we reached this point, much less by the time we finally got back that time. Anyway, we took a "short loop" around the south end, which did end us up along the long and boring fenceline on the west, but at least the majority of the ride was in more interesting territory. At least this was a more comfortable 6.88 miles, rather than the required 12 miles if we had had to park at the "required" parking lot. In any event, it was an enjoyable ride on a beautiful day, which is all we can ever ask! Arrived back at the trailer still safely parked on the corner, got the horses packed up and off we went! Another nice ride day!

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