Monday, Dec. 29, 2014 – Another Ride Day on the Flats

Decided to take another ride today, this time heading out northward on the east side of the valley, along the bottom of the mountains. We did our best to stay out of the washes and on the firmer trails today, and some of it was an easement road under the utilities lines, and another road to a gorgeous hacienda with beautiful grounds and a huge but empty stable. We followed along the mountain line as much as we could, then continued northward, somewhat past the place where we turned around yesterday, passed a number of other riders again, and finally headed back south through the middle of the valley, eventually picking up the same trail we came back on yesterday, though with a little variation at the end. Another no drama day, very relaxing ride. It may be our last here, depending on when we decide to leave. We keep looking at the weather, and are leaning toward a Saturday or Sunday departure, which should give us clear skies all the way to Dripping Springs, albeit the nights will probably be cold. I guess we can't avoid that at this time of the year, especially in the desert!

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