Monday, Dec. 21, 2015 – Star Wars Movie

One of my brothers came up with the idea to take most of the family to see the new Star Wars movie at the latest luxury movie house Cineopolis, so we headed into downtown Jupiter to check it out. It has a large lobby, a full bar, full menu, plush recliners, wait staff, all the comforts of home, and then some. The service was excruciacingly slow, the movie was good, except we had two guys next to us that kept talking and using their phones to text and light up their nachos, very distracting. Afterward we complained to the management, and they were generous enough to comp us a couple more tickets, since one of the servers notice how noisy they were, too. It reminded us of why Hubby and I never go out to movies any more, and haven’t done for a couple of decades, with rare exceptions like this. There always seems to be some rude person or people that just are so selfish they can’t be still for a couple of hours. Sigh…

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