Monday, Dec. 14, 2015 – Installation of our New Water Barrel

Over the years, we’ve had a number of occasions where there was a place we wanted to go to horse camp, but water was not readily available. Though we’ve usually been able to solve the problem one way or another, (sump pump water from a nearby stream, bring water in a barrel, collect rain water, etc.), we wanted a more permanent solution, so we purchased a 95 gallon “sprayer” tank from an outlet in Orlando. We had to order it in advance in order to save the $200 shipping cost, but having picked it up on our way out of Ocala, today was the day to install it. Though we could have bought an expensive stand for it, we opted to go the more imaginative route and make a framework ourselves. After a short trip to the Home Depot for supplies, we spent the day putting together what turned out to be a very satisfactory stand that will hopefully be immovable, and will allow us to explore even more new and wild horse camps! Can’t wait to try it out, but it will be several months before we’re on the road again, though we still have a few adventures in store before we leave here!

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