Friday, May 29, 2020 – Travel Day to Loretta Lynn Wrangler Camp

Hey Sweetie,
Finally, a cooler night, great for sleeping, but I woke up early, probably due to the wine I drank last night! I haven’t had any alcohol all week and have slept like a baby, so I’m guess that’s the reason. But I was up around 7:30 and immediately starting packing. I didn’t put as much away as I usually do, but then my drive is only about 40 minutes, and I wasn’t sure how early they’d let me in. I had everything packed and ready to go except the horses by a bit before 10:00, and of course, Flash decided to be stubborn and not get in the trailer. Naturally, because I had an audience! After half a dozen tries, I finally tied him to the trailer and got Apollo, who didn’t even hesitate at the ramp, he walked right in, thank goodness. Felt like a bit of redemption there! Another couple of tries with Flash, and just as one of the neighbors asked if I needed help (he had already helped me with the slide and hooking up), Flash finally put a foot on the ramp, held it there for a good 20 seconds, then finally ran up the ramp as he is wont to do! At least I got it done without help. Finally headed to the dump, then out of the campground by around 10:30. Forty minutes later I was pulling into Loretta Lynn’s ranch at Hurricane Mills (as you know, she owns the whole little town!), got checked in and after some recon, finally selected a site along of row of sites. I had to find one with the longest pad of gravel, because everything is so saturated here. I was even sinking into the gravel a bit, it’s that bad! I got set up straightaway, then finally pulled the horses out of the trailer, putting Apollo on an anchor and tying Flash to the trailer. The trail boss, Bubba, wasn’t here when I first went looking for him, I was told he would have to assign me a place for the electric fence or a highline, but by the time I got set up he was back, and we had a nice chat. We finally decided on putting my horses right beside the back of the barn next to his three mules, so I got them squared away in short order. Several long chats later, I finally headed up to the nearest big town of Waverly and went to the Walmart to do my shopping. I even bought a tube so I can go tubing town the river next week when the temps reach 90! Once I got back to camp I contact Callie, the girl we met here back in 2017, and she and her parents had gone shopping and were on their way back, so they showed up awhile later and we sat in the screen room and chatted for quite a while. I finally took them over to see the horses, as it was time for feeding anyway, and they left shortly after. Tomorrow is her birthday (they almost always come here for her birthday!), and I think she’s going to come riding with me in the morning, though they’re all going out to dinner tomorrow night, apparently. Anyway, a busy and tiring day (2 hours of breakdown and 3 hours of setup seems a lot for a 40 minute drive!), but there’s an organized ride here next week, which is one of the reasons why I came. Hoping to see some new trails, make a few friends, and maybe even sell a few books, who knows! Anyway, it’s later than usual, so I’m off to shower and bed! Good night sweetie! Love you!

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