Friday, March 10, 2023 – Another Dull Day

Hi Babe,
I could NOT get to sleep last night, I just kept reading, hoping to drop off, but there’s a dog somewhere in the neighborhood that just wouldn’t stop barking! Grrrr! By 3:00, I was desperate to sleep, I ended up putting in my earplugs and taking an acetaminophen PM. I hate to do that, because even though it does help me sleep, I usually feel logey all the rest of the day. Sure enough, it got me to sleep, but I didn’t wake up until nearly 11:00. Didn’t have the energy to do much, so I spent some time tracking down a microwave, Randy from Harmar gave me a lead on someplace, and I left a message, but they didn’t get back to me today. I also managed to find some new health insurance, and after half a dozen transfers, finally got with a woman named Kimberly who did a fantastic job of walking me through everything. So I’m still with Cigna, which is great, with a subsidized policy so my costs are WAY down. As much as I hated giving up my union contract this year, this will be a much cheaper option for me until I qualify for Medicare in August. Glad to get it, too, I was worried I’d have to go without for a few months, didn’t really want to do that. So that was my afternoon, mostly. I did a little pool cleaning while I played with Lola before dinner, then settled down to a movie, Mysterious Circumstance, about the dead of Meriweather Lewis. It was a bit slow, but an interesting acting exercise, doing the same scene over and over with slightly different intents, offering a variety of explanations of how the same essential script could be interpreted in so many different ways. But I’m ready for bed now, I’m truly hoping for a good night sleep, and to be able to get back on schedule, although with Daylight Savings time starting this weekend (ugh!), it’s just going to mess it up again. I wish they would just stop doing that! Anyway, the night is cooler, I didn’t have to run the AC today, thank goodness. There’s a cold front coming in shortly, so it will be cooler next week, which is fine with me! Anyway, time for shower and bed. Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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