Friday, February 19, 2010 – Work Day

Ran out to the quail area for a few hours to work online and make phone calls getting information about our next stops in forests and the stables in Austin. When I got back, Hubby was still working on the horse trailer lights, so I gave him a hand with that for a while, until he finally managed to get it fixed. Just some corroded connections and loose wires in the end. After some discussion about what I found out about our next stops, we decided that rather than put two more stops in, we’d stay here until probably Thursday, then head out to Davy Crockett National Forest in Texas, where they have a horse camp with central water and campsites suitable for Rvs. Later in the day, a couple that had arrived last night, Tom and Gloria, stopped by on their way back from a ride, and we invited them over for cocktail hour later in the day, which they did, and we had a lovely chat over a few glasses of wine. He’s a semi-retired arborist, and they have dreams of horse camping full time in a few years. Very enjoyable evening. Going to be a busy time after next week, so we need to get in all the recreation we can before that happens!

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