Friday, August 14, 2020 – Runaround Day

Hi Honey,
Slept a bit late this morning, then spent the most of the day working on various things on my computer, some of the time researching whitewater raft rides in the Grand Canyon, to see if I could get one in on my schedule. They have several different types of rafts, some are motorized, some have a guide that does all the rowing, but the kind I want is where I actually get to paddle through the whitewater, and I think I may have found one, but it’s a two day trip, camping along the shoreline for a night, which sounds fabulous to me! Still have a few more logistics to work out on that, though. Meanwhile, I had made arrangements to meet a guy to get hay at 6:00 and decided to run up to nearby Richmond to do a little shopping beforehand, so I left around 3:30, went to a craft store to get some padding to stuff back into Lola’s bed, then to Tractor Supply for propane and horse feed, then Walmart for a just a few items, then arrived at the hay guy’s about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. I let him know I was early, but he didn’t answer. I waited half an hour, messaging him several times, never heard a thing, so I finally left. Went back up the road to a farm with a sign that said “hay for sale” and talked to the owner, but they only do big round bales, so that didn’t help. Got back to camp just in time to take a phone call from the rafting company, we spent some time going over the options, and it looks like I might be able to fit it in! Whoo-hoo! I did a little rearranging of my reservations, with still a few other things to work out, but it looks like it might all be falling together. The hotel I’ll need to stay at for the rafting trip (outside of Grand Canyon in Peach Springs on the famous Route 66) also has caverns, and a restaurant called the Grotto which is also at the bottom of the caves, so I think I’ll have plenty of options of things to do on my extra day. Finally, after 8:30, I FINALLY heard from the hay guy, very apologetic, just completely slipped his mind, but promised to deliver the hay to me tomorrow morning, no extra charge. I rubbed it in a little, but forgave him, so hopefully that will get done in the morning. So I finally settled down for the evening, a quick bite of dinner, and Voyager or two, now off to showers and bed. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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