Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015 – Hubby’s First Acupuncture

For the last few years, when Hubby’s lower back gets to bothering him too much, he’s been getting those cortisone steroid shots, but because his kidney function has been naturally deteriorating with age, we decided this time to try acupuncture. It worked so beautifully for our little dog Billy, and we’ve heard so many stories about how successful it is on other animals and humans, we decided to give it a try on Hubby in preparation for the daily riding we’ll be doing on the 2016 Great Florida Cattle Drive next month. After a lengthy interview, the doctor stuck him like a pincushion, then afterward gave him some homeopathic shots in his back, and by the time she was finished, he walked out of there a different guy! He was standing up straighter, which made him look younger, and he felt great! We have high hopes that a few weeks of this treatment will make him a new man!

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