Tuesday, May 26, 2020 – Productive Day as Planned

Hi Honey!
After a great night sleep and yesterday’s day of rest, I was pretty raring to go this morning. Even before my breakfast, I started working on the water leak in the ice-maker, finding it right away, since it was dry when I started. Turned out to be the same fitting at the end, I had so much trouble getting it on the last time, I’m not surprised it sprung a leak. That required a trip to the nearest Ace Hardware in town, where I got both the parts I needed for the leak and an exchange on a carriage bolt that I had bought at Greeters in Altamont for the ramp ends I made to use as levelers when the trailer leans to one side, so now I can finish putting that together as soon as I roll off those planks. I actually learned a good lesson when I used them here, because I wanted to see how much opening the slide offset the balance, turns out not to be as much as I thought. I have a good handle now on how many notches on the bubble level require how many inches of board, which should be a useful measure in future. Anyway, I replaced the fittings on the ice-maker, and now it’s working and not leaking again! Hopefully this will be the last flood for a while. I tried to look at the parking brake on the truck, but nothing I tried seemed to work, so I either have to jack it up and take it all apart to tighten them, or pay someone else to do it, which I’m thinking is a better option, if it’s not too much. Started looking for a mechanic late in the day, but haven’t heard back yet. I also received my replacement hay bags, had to wait by the mailbox after the office had closed, the mailperson didn’t arrive until almost 5:30! I had purchased a couple that were on sale, but they were too small, and one of them was literally coming apart at the seams by the morning after I put it up, and was almost in shreds by this morning. This time I bought the nylon strap weave kind (not the nylon rope, I have some of those, too), I’ve never tried those before but I always liked the way they seemed to work, thought I’d give them a try. They seemed to be much larger than the other ones, and they did seem to hold more hay, but not a huge amount, which is fine, they’re designed to slow the horses’ eating down, to keep them busy longer. I hope that works. Anyway, I got what I wanted to get done before it started raining, which it did most of the afternoon, so I just mostly read the latter part of the day. Settled down as usual, took my shower early, so now I’m just waiting for Lola and I’m off to bed! Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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