Tuesday, December 21, 2010 – Second Ride Day at San Angelo Park

Had a wonderful ride today! The new trail map was very informative, we didn’t get lost once, which always makes it much more relaxing! It was actually warm enough to strip down to a tank top, so I got some sun (in fact, it almost got too hot!), and rode for about three hours. We went to a place called Cougar Lookout, which was obviously built to overlook the “lake”, which has pretty much dried up by now. We came across one sign on the road that said “Caution Lake Ahead, Slow to 10 mph”, which was so incongruous because the only this “ahead” was essentially a scrub desert. We rode by boat ramps that were 100 feet long and ended up in the same scrub desert. I guess they’ve been having a drought for a LONG, LONG time, or else the folks who thought a dam here were a bit misinformed… But most of the trails were dirt, with only a few parts that were rocky, and we got quite a few trots and canters in. It was a great day, just the kind of day we look forward to most! Went to bed early, satisfied that we had a great stay, and anticipating an early morning and long day tomorrow.

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