Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 – Nice Long Ride and Reynolds Creek

Plotted a route that will essentially take us along the lake perimeter around most of the park, though what the map said and what my GPS plotted looked nothing like each other at the end of the day. After our usual Sunday breakfast of blueberry pancakes, we were headed out just after noon. What a great place this is for riding! Even though the “campground” is simply utilitarian, the trails are really super. The first half of the ride was more of winding through huge old trees, with an occasional short stretch of field, then along the western shore of the lake there are some wide open fields, perfect for trotting and cantering (and kicking up as well, which Apollo did more than his usual share of today!). Saw quite a few deer as well, several with quite a nice rack, as well as countless birds and other field critters. We took a break at the boat ramp, which has a nice floating dock where we had a snack, before heading back along the “Dusty Road,” which was tarmac about 30 years ago, but has mostly been reclaimed by nature, so it’s a pretty nice and straightforward run home. One last stretch of the beautiful and aptly named Paradise Trail before getting back to camp about 4:00. We passed a couple of bikers, and a jogger, and one couple just leaving on horseback near the bridge, and when we got back to camp, there were three other horse trailers just leaving. We certainly didn’t see them on the trail, but since we took the long trail, we evidently missed them all completely, not surprising considering how convoluted the trail system is here. A thoroughly enjoyable day! We got back before Hubby’s back started bothering him, so mission accomplished!

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