Saturday, November 27, 2010 – Tried To Do Nothing Today

Slept till well past 9:00, horses were whinnying for breakfast as soon as they saw movement in the RV. Fed them, cleaned up after them, took the dogs for a walk, down to where the pay station was, picked up an envelope and came back, eventually wrote a check and took it back to drop it in the pay slot. Spent the rest of the day utterly exhausted, and stayed as immobile as possible, except for a time when Hubby and I had to try to find a leak in the airbed, both sides seemed low this morning, but more on his side. Couldn’t find anything, so we just pumped it up again and we’re hoping it was just the change in temperature and elevation (we’re at 3500 feet, down from 6100 in Albuquerque). We also spent some time on the computer, making plans for the next few weeks. Mostly just watched TV until we went to bed about 11:00.

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