Saturday, March 23, 2019 – Attended the Miami International Paso Fino Show

Did some work on the Open Range (we still haven't sold it, darn it!), then hopped in the truck and headed down to Miami for a Paso Fino show. Not that I ever intend to show Flash, but I was curious how he stood up to his brethren. We thought it would be a big show, but discovered it was actually quite small. No class we saw had more than six horses, and most had less than that, with several only having one participant! There was no admission fee, and the bleacher crowd was only about a dozen people, most of whom I got the impression were family to the participants. Still, it was interesting to see, but left me wondering exactly what the judges were looking for in a Paso. Guess I'll have to do some more research on that! We took the long way home through Belle Glade and Indiantown, just out for the drive, really, and because we'd rather drive through the country than on a freeway any day! Took a little longer, but it was a very nice drive. Got home, had some tea and apple pie that I had picked up at the IGA in Indiantown, and settled down for the evening. Check out the video of the Paso on the sounding board!

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