Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 – Ride Around the Neighborhood

Having had a busy week with family, and the horses just hanging around in the yard during mostly weather too cold to ride, we finally had a day nice enough to do a little exploring. One of my brother’s next door neighbors was kind enough to drop by and leave a note on our truck inviting us to use their round pen and ride on their property, as well as to use their access to roads behind them, a very generous offer we took them up on today. My brother Jeff is here visiting from Florida, and he’s been wanting to ride, so we saddled up and headed out to the neighbors. Not an exciting ride, we kept to walking and it was mostly just going around their cow pasture, but it got the horses to stretch their legs and satisfied my brother that he got a ride in. We ran into another neighbor with another 70 acres who invited us to ride on his property as well, so that expands our horizons a bit. Folks in Texas sure are friendly! Hopefully we’ll have another chance to go before he leaves, weather permitting!

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