Monday, September 11, 2023 – Travel Day to Youngs Creek, IN

Hi Sweetie!
For once I actually got to bed nice and early, like around 9:00, read for a bit then dropped off to a sound sleep. Woke up about 5:45, read for a bit more, then got up with the alarm before 7:00, fully rested, yay! Got up and had breakfast, finished packing, and headed to the dump to top off my truck tank. The Youngs Creek website has this ambivalent message on it, saying they have non-potable water, but advise you to bring your own. Weird. Anyway, we were on the road around 8:40, and had an uneventful trip. I feel a lot more comfortable now that the power steering is fixed and I have front tires on the truck and everything else seems to be working well. After two stops, we arrived at Youngs Creek, a free, primitive camp just south of Paoli, IN. It says on the website there’s room for 40 rigs, but I have no idea where or how. The actual campsites are tiny and around an impossibly small loop, at least for me, but there was a fairly open area just as you come into camp, though I’m thinking 6 to 8 rigs of any size at best up here. I found there was two spigots, and after a bit of reconnoitering, decided a spot essentially in the middle would work. It was fairly close to a spigot, so I backed in and started to get set up. Then I discovered the water problem. Though they have frost-free spigots, they’ve filed down the threads, so I can’t put a hose on it. How stupid. Not the first time we’ve seen this, but it definitely makes things more complicated. I had to use some of my potable water for the horses when they got out of the trailer, then I just let them wander in the nice grassy lawn that’s here. Eventually I jury-rigged the pump with a water bottle that had a hose attached, it took a long time but I eventually was able to fill up a big tub by the highlines. That’s going to be a pain, because I don’t think I’ll have enough pressure to fill the truck tank or the trailer, but since the highlines are slightly lower, that worked. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to fill up in town somewhere later this week. Meanwhile, I got settled in, had dinner, tried to watch a little TV, though I’m disheartened to say that even though I have a good signal, I’m still having huge buffering problems. I’m think I have to take the phone into Verizon and figure out why this suddenly started happening. Oh, well. It was pretty warm today, but there’s a front coming in tomorrow, supposedly, that’s going to bring rain and cooler temps for the next few days. Probably won’t ride tomorrow, I have stuff to do, so it won’t matter. Anyway, time for shower and bed! Good night, honey! Love you!

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