Monday, December 27, 2010 – Travel Day and Evening with Family

Headed out with the intention of going to Lampasa to pick up a load of hay, but because it was almost an hour out of the way, and because the forecast is calling for two days of rain, we decided the better idea would be to just pick up a few bales at a feed store and stock up later when we wouldn’t be driving in rain. I don’t mind covering the hay when we’re standing still in one place, but it’s really hard to keep a tarp on without damaging the truck with smacking bungees and ropes. I didn’t care so much with our old beater truck, but my new truck has to stay looking new! Stopped for breakfast in Round Rock at a restaurant owned and operated by a group of folks who came up from New Orleans with their church group after Katrina. A very interesting story, and they even have a book out about their journey. After breakfast we made our way to Graymar Farms, an incredible facility owned and operated by Penny, who welcomed us as if we were long lost family. Turns out she had a paddock that had just been made available because the previous horse had been sold. The funny thing was, his name was Apollo, just like my horse! Got the kids settled in, got some water in the RV tank before parking, took a quick shower then headed out to visit with family that lived nearby. Had a very pleasant evening getting reacquainted (we don’t see each other very often), enjoyed a very nice dinner they prepared, and generally had a good time. Left around 10:00, had a nightcap, and finally wound down enough to go to bed about midnight.

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