Friday, Mar. 25, 2016 – Drive Back to Jupiter

After three days of very successful meetings and training, we packed up and headed out just before 9:00, after breakfast on the club floor, late enough to avoid much of the rush hour traffic. Another straight forward drive, though we ran into a lot of rain, and this time my GPS indicated that there was a shutdown of I-75 that required a long detour around Gainesville and suggested an alternate route of I-10 to Jacksonville, then I-95 South. Well, normally that route would be longer, but a shutdown of the highway could last a while, and we were always game for a different route coming and going, so we made the turn off. Don’t know if we saved any time in the long run, but I do know the traffic was much heavier, and the drivers more discourteous, as they kept hovering all at the same speed in all the lanes, making it nearly impossible to pass. That in itself slowed us down a bit, but we also ran into some really heavy rain around the Orlando/Cape Canaveral stretch, which caused a couple of accidents, and further slowed everyone down. We stopped for a quick meal at a little Italian restaurant on Indiantown Rd. my brother had recommended, splitting an entree that was huge and delicious, and made a quick trip into the Publix for a few necessary groceries. Finally arrived home, safe and sound, where we were greeted by wagging tails and friendly nickers from the animals before settling down to a quiet evening, crashing from our busy couple of days!

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