Friday, January 21, 2011 – Dump and Medical Day

Woke up to discover Luis had already completed the repairs on the dump plumbing using only some of our parts, as he had apparently had gone out and got some of his own. So, after breakfast we ran the slides in and drove up to the dump and took care of business there. Had another physical therapy appointment at 1:00, this time Hubby came with me, where he made me laugh and counted my reps for me. Afterward we did some more running around, trying to find all the little bits and pieces of things we’ll have more trouble when we’re back on the road, and returning the plumbing parts that Luis didn’t use. Once we got back, we finally moved all of our stuff from the old horse trailer to the new one, which seems to have an incredible amount of room! I just want to make sure we don’t just fill it up with stuff, but we keep it neat and tidy. Can’t wait to get the horses in it and take this baby for a drive! Maybe over the weekend, if the weather improves. It was sunny and a bit warmer today, but still had a chill in the air. Meanwhile, I re-listed the old trailer on craigslist, hoping we can get this baby sold before we leave, though it may be mid-February if plans remain the same (and how likely is that? 🙂 Before the evening was through, we had an appointment for someone to come see the trailer at 10:00 tomorrow morning!

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