Friday, February 26, 2010 – Work Day

Spent the day working on updating our business home page, and a little bit of bookkeeping, while resting up for another big ride tomorrow. We took some time to look at the map here as well, and have decided the trail lengths are only for the part of the colored trail that’s marked on it’s own, and not the parts that overlap, which means that to take the blue trail (11.65 miles) from the Piney Creek horse camp, you need to add another mile, and to take the green trail (5.56 miles), you need to add another 10 miles just to get to it. There is another horse camp/trailhead by the green trail, but it doesn’t have water for the RV. Haven’t decided which one to do yet, depends on what time we get out tomorrow, and what the weather’s like. Have to wait and see!

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