Friday, December 24, 2010 – Christmas Eve Rain Day

Woke up to a very overcast day, quite a change from anything we’ve seen in quite some time, and there is rain forecast and a precipitous drop in temperature for the next few days, which I guess is appropriate for getting folks in the Christmas spirit. A massive storm is bringing snow across much of the country, including at home in Tennessee, a rare white Christmas for them and everyone around them. I spent the day balancing my checkbook and doing other mundane chores, hoping for a nice enough day to ride on Christmas, but it’s not looking too great. Had a lot of rain today, and as the temperature started dropping, we decided to cover them with new rain sheets we had bought from Valley Vet (our favorite online animal supply store!) back in October. They seemed to appreciate them, but I suspect they won’t stay on very long, at least not until tomorrow morning, but it’s worth a try. Glad we have electricity to keep our little space heaters going, but even with that we’re needing to put on the gas furnace occasionally. Well, like they say at this time of year, the weather outside is frightful!

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