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Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020 – New Year’s Eve

Hi Babe,
Hard to believe it’s New Year’s Eve already! What a crazy year this has been! I had a better night sleep, and after chores and breakfast, started a load of laundry, then I packaged up a book order and headed out to test drive the Buick. I dropped the book off at the box by Publix, then headed into town to the auto parts store to get a side marker for the trailer (it was torn off when the ladder came down coming into Jeff’s), then to Walmart for some sign-making supplies. I also found a better side marker, so I ended up going back to the auto parts store and taking theirs back anyway. I LOVE driving the Buick! That lovely, throaty sound of the motor just makes my heart dance! I can’t sell Panther, I just can’t! I’m going to order a new cover, and maybe consider a paint job, Jeff say’s he knows a guy… I got back and made a sign for the trailer, then went out again to put it up on Indiantown Road, though I put it further in, which I hope helps. I haven’t had much response to my marketplace ad yet, and a couple of other places I’ve listed it, but I’m trusting that it’s only because everyone’s been so busy through the holidays. Meanwhile, I let Lola come out and play after I fed the horses, and she worked herself so much I’m sure she’ll sleep tonight. I may give her an allergy pill anyway, because they love to shoot off guns and fireworks here on New Years, and I’d hate for her to be restless all night because of that, she’s already hiding behind my chair. Anyway, after more eggnog and rum by the pool for a bit (where Lola was the star of the show!), I headed back to settle down for the evening. Another movie, a few TV episodes, and now I’m heading to the shower and bed. No way I’m staying up for the ball drop, it’s been way too disappointing the last few years. I didn’t even get any sparkling wine this year, first time I can remember not doing that since I passed drinking age (back when it was 18!), Just not into it this year. Probably because it’s been 51 weeks since you passed on, and that anniversary will be here too soon… Well, never mind, I’m off to showers and bed. Love you, sweetie! Good night!

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020 – Finished Thermostat Job

Hi Sweetie,
Couldn’t get to sleep last night for hours, finally had to take a nighttime pain killer, ended up sleeping late as a result. After chores and breakfast, I spent some time on the computer setting up appointments for me to get my Florida Drivers License and register the vehicles, apparently they don’t take walk-ins anymore. Soonest appointment I could get is three weeks from now! Eventually I got that done, then went out to work on the Buick. Changing the thermostat turned out to be a very easy job, my only delay was waiting for the gasket sealer to dry. No leaks afterwards, and I was able to confirm the thermostat was opening the way it’s supposed to. It seems the Buick runs much better now, too! I’ll confirm that tomorrow, I think I’m going to test it out by taking it down to the mailbox at the Publix, I have a book order I need to drop off there. The brakes seem to be working fine now that I topped of the fluid and got them moving again, probably just stiff from sitting for so long. I’d kind of forgotten that we never got it running last year, so it was sitting for two years, that would account for a lot. I remember it was running rough, I’m pretty sure that was from the overheating, but I’ll know better after tomorrow test run. There is still some kind of a whine that comes and goes, I think it might be something in the vacuum, I found one end that was leaking, but fortunately I found some spare ends while I was cleaning yesterday, so I replaced that, and that helped a bit, but I’m going to have to find where the noise is coming from at some point, it might also be the air compressor, since it’s not blowing really cold. As long as it runs for now, that’s all I’m really concerned about. It doesn’t sound life threatening, I’ll just keep an ear out for it. Spent the rest of the day just reading and surfing the net. Time to go now! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020 – Doctor and Shopping

Hi Darlin’,
Warming up nicely now, with mid-70’s during the day and low 60’s at night, nice to be able to open the windows and get some fresh air in here. I took the battery charger off the Buick and it started right up, but it’s definitely overheating. I’m pretty sure it’s probably just the thermostat, but that’s a problem for another day. I ran up to Ranch Feed and stocked up on horse feed, the down to the doctor’s for my appointment there, a recent transplant from New Jersey at the local Cleveland Clinic. Everything checked out, got my flu shot and a whole bunch of referrals for all the other things I need to have looked at, so three more days next week will be dedicated to doctors’ visits, mostly down in West Palm. Figure I better get all this done while I still have insurance, especially my knee. Stopped at Advance Auto and picked up a thermostat for the Buick, I’m hoping to do that job tomorrow, then my trip to Walmart for my regular grocery shopping. I forgot to tell you, yesterday I found something in the Buick that I’ve been looking for for ages, Lola’s original safety vest! I was sure I had it somewhere, but I’ve looked for it so many times and not found it that I’d given up, and made her another one from an old human vest that had gotten torn up, but now when I was cleaning, I found it in a pocket behind the driver’s seat! I seem to remember we put that on her one time when we were taking her into someplace, before we got her therapy dog vest, and I guess it just stayed there. Glad to have it back, though! I didn’t take her along today, it would have gotten too hot in the truck. Anyway, got all the groceries in and settled down for the evening. Once again, time for shower and bed. Good night, my love!

Monday, Dec. 28, 2020 – Got A Bit Done

Hi Sweetie,
Had a slow start to the day as I finished off a book, plus there was still the occasional sprinkle of rain still going on, but I eventually headed over to the Buick with my vacuum and all my cleaning supplies and spent several hours getting it cleaned up on the inside. The worst of it was by the passenger door, where ants had built a nest so high under it that they got in between the door and the seal, and even with the bug bomb I set off yesterday, there were still a lot crawling around, though all on the door frame and outside, not in the car, thank goodness. I polished and vacuumed and armor-all’ed and windexed until it was quite spotless inside. I even put the cassette keeper back in, even though I don’t think the cassette player works anymore. I filled up the brake fluid, it was pretty low on one side, so hopefully they will work better now, and I managed to start it up again, though the battery was low after the interior light was on all day because I had the door open, so I put the charger back on at the end of the day. I made a loaf of bread today, too, in the machine, loved coming back to the trailer with that wonderful fresh baked bread smell, and then finally settled down for the evening. Tomorrow is a doctor’s appointment, plus a bunch of running around shopping, for horse, dog and people food, so it will be a busy day. Heading off for my shower and bed now. Love you, babe! Good night!

Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020 – Super Lazy Rainy Day

Hi Babe!
Well, I had some plans today to clean the inside of the Buick and maybe go shopping, but a small train of showers started early in the day and kept coming, despite a forecast that said otherwise. In the end, I did literally nothing all day, just reading, playing games on my computer, and watching a bit of TV in the evening. Guess I’ll just have to make up for it tomorrow! Never mind, we always liked a lazy rainy Sunday, and this one was pretty perfect. Only thing left to do is shower and go to bed! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020 – Very Productive Boxing Day

Hiya, Darlin’!
After a good night sleep and a chilly morning, things warmed up enough to start doing stuff outside, and I managed to get a lot more done than I anticipated! I started out fixing the ladder that had been torn off the side of the trailer. I pulled out the rivet gun and some rivets, and managed to bang everything back into place well enough to be stable again. Jeff helped me get some boxes and my pressure washer out of the attic after that, which should lighten the load considerably when I head out again. Then I decided to see what state the Buick was in. I tried to start it, but the battery was still pretty low, so I decided to put the Beatit charger on it, and lo and behold, it started! I never imagined it would! While it was idling high, I filled the tires up, as they had all lost about 10 pounds, checked the oil and what fluids I could, then lowered the idle and managed to move it to the front yard so I could wash it. The brakes were very poor, and it ended up overheating for some reason, though there was plenty of antifreeze in the radiator, the motor itself sounded just as fantastic as ever. I really hate to sell this car! I’m actually thinking I might invest in a shed to store it, if I can get it running well enough to drive it. I mean, I think I can afford it, and why not? I’ll do the mechanical work, and spring for a decent paint job, and it would still be cheaper than buying a new car, by a long shot. I washed the outside, and set off a bug bomb inside, since some fire ants and managed to build a nest up to and through the passenger door, and there were some spider webs inside, but nothing a good clean-out won’t cure. I’ll do the inside tomorrow, weather permitting. It would be great to have that to run around in, if the brakes and overheating problem can be fixed. Probably just a stuck thermostat, and Jeff said that it’s not unusual for brakes to freeze up from sitting too long. I asked him to help me with the mechanical work, if he’s got time, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, it turned out to be a nice day. I did some pool cleaning (though the pool is only 70 degrees, maybe a bit cool for now), but if the air warms up enough, that would certainly be refreshing. I cleaned the filters, but Jeff knows he really need to get some new ones, as the pool crawler’s not working any more. Anyway, it was a nice productive day, and then I settled down for an interesting movie about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, and a couple of half hour shows, nursing a couple of eggnogs with rum, first hard liquor I’ve had in ages, though rum isn’t my favorite, as you know. Time now for shower and bed! Good night, my sweet! Love you!

Friday, Dec. 25, 2020 – Low-Key Christmas

Merry Christmas, my love!
First Christmas in 33 years without you, in the flesh at least, though you’re certainly here in spirit. Not that we ever made a big deal about holidays, just another landmark I guess. Slept late, decided not to do anything in particular today, a bit chilly to do anything outside. I called your sister Jean and we spoke for awhile, then I mostly read, surfed the internet, and watched some Christmas movies. Jeff made a fabulous prime rib in his air fryer, along with his asparagus/bacon side and mashed potatoes. Had some egg nog with rum, talked to Glenn and then Karl, then came back to the trailer and watched the early version of The Miracle on 34th Street just for fun. I put the light blankets on the horses since it’s getting down near 40 degrees tonight, A very low-key day. Finished it off by doing a load of laundry, now I’m ready for my shower and bed. I’m sure I’ll find some project for tomorrow, maybe starting to work on the Buick, I really need to get that running, we’ll see. Meanwhile, off I go! Good night, darlin;! Love you!

Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020 – Productive Christmas Eve

Hi Sweetie,
A busy morning, mostly spent on cleaning up the old RV and getting it listed on craigslist and Marketplace. The surface was still pretty clean from last year, other than some mud dauber nests, but I went a bit deeper since I had the time, and discovered two cans of tuna fish and the egg poacher for my Healthcraft set! I knew I hadn’t seen it lately but I just figured it must be in a box somewhere, but no, it was buried behind the drawer where I used to keep my pans. Glad I found it, I’ve been missing it! I took all the curtains down and ran them through the dryer to freshen them up, and I hooked up the battery to the Buick, but it hasn’t fully charged yet, I guess I didn’t have it set up right, but I disconnected it this evening because there’s a tremendous cold front moving in, just in time for Christmas! I didn’t want to leave the charger out in the rain that’s coming. It’s actually too hot right now, I’m tempted to run the AC for a few minutes to blow the hot air out, but by tomorrow I’m going to be running the fireplace to keep it warm! Crazy! Anyway, I finally settled down for the evening, Jeff had some leftover pierogis he had at Turtle Tavern last night, and he let me take it for my dinner, it was delicious! A nice change from the soup I’ve been generally having. He’s bought a nice prime rib for dinner tomorrow, and we’re both planning on taking the day off. I mean, it’s Christmas after all! Anyway, I need to get my shower and get to bed, hopefully I’ll sleep through the storm that’s coming, it’s supposed to get pretty windy, hoping I don’t have to get up and bring the awning in. Anyway, good night, my love! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020 – Quiet Day

Hi Babe,
Had a good night sleep, did just a few things in the morning. Put the battery charge on the Buick, and plugged electricity into the Open Range, got out Lola’s GoDogGo machine, which she ran herself ragged playing with, did some laundry, and just a few odds and ends like that to fill my day. Discovered that the ladder had been pulled off coming up the drive (it’s simply too narrow for me, but Jeff won’t cut anything back), so now I have another repair to make. My new awning fabric was delivered, so that’s another chore on the list. First things first, though, tomorrow I’m going to clean up the Open Range and get it listed again, there seems to be a good market for them right now, hopefully I can get that done. Next is the Buick, I want to get that running and sell that too. I hate to do it, that car was so much a part of our life together, but I don’t want it to just sit outside rotting, and I don’t have anyplace to store it anymore, so I don’t have a choice. Such a long list of things to do! But first I needed a little rest, which I did get some today. Read some, and finished off this season of the Crown series on Netflix, now I’m headed to shower and bed. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2020 – Drive to Brother Jeff’s

Hi Darlin’,
A good night sleep after getting to bed by 10:00,, woke up a little before the alarm, decided to skip breakfast, though I brought my juice and coffee along for the drive, and was headed out before 9:00. It was an uneventful drive, thank goodness, though I had to put some power steering stop leak in, it still seems to be leaking a bit. Arrived at Jeff’s just after 2:00, plenty of daylight left to get situated back by the barn. Had to mess around with the electric a bit to get it working, but once that was done, everything else was an easy setup. I hadn’t eaten all day, so as soon as we got the horses set for the night, I made myself some dinner and settled in for the evening. Fell asleep during a movie, so I guess it’s time for shower and bed! Good night, my love!