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Monday, Sept. 30, 2019 – Computer Day

Over the weekend, I accidentally dropped my computer and it hit the ground hard, so it wasn’t surprising when it wouldn’t boot up again. I tried to reseat the hard drive, but it was dead, so I took it to a local computer repair store in Ashland, and they fixed me up with a new solid state 1 terrabyte hard drive. Probably overkill, but last time I lost a hard drive, I had no idea how much data I actually needed (I have millions of old files I keep passing down, I really need to do some housekeeping on it, but just can’t seem to find the time!). Anyway, that took the bulk of the day, then when I finally got everything up and running and started to download my backup from Carbonite, I discovered that for some unknown, mysterious reason, they had stopped backing me up on July 7! Not a single file, photo or document saved since July 7! What the hell?? I had a long chat with them about it, and they still weren’t able to explain what happened. I understand that they might have had some problems when we were in a bad cell phone area, but I’ve been in a good 4G area for weeks now, and evidently, it never resumed! GRRRRRRR! A whole summers worth of work lost! Well, at least most of it has been put up online so I should be able to retrieve it, but that, of course, will take days if not weeks to recover. Not a happy camper at the moment! I started downloading using my hotspot, but that is going to take WAY to much time, but since tomorrow Hubby will be in the hospital all day getting his fistula cleared out (it’s been slowly getting more and more difficult to use his access for dialysis), I figure I can use the hospital’s wifi so get some of it done. That will give me something to do while I wait, I supposed. Oh, well, such is life!

Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 – Heritage Days at Malabar Farm

Though it's a dialysis day today, I wanted to visit the Farm during the Heritage Days, so Hubby and I got over here shortly after they opened at 10:00 and was able to wrest rides to get us to the various parts of the event. We sat along the rocks above the cannon display, and watched while they set of Civil War cannons just below us. We took a tour of the Big House, as they call it, and learned all about how Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married here, and how James Cagney was put in charge of the vegetable stand during his stays there. We climbed onto a horse-driven wagon (with help from my dance partner from last night!), and journeyed over to the other side of the farm. I walked a bit while Hubby sat on a bench, though he was chatting up the ladies all the time he was there, as usual! We took another wagon ride back to the barn, did a bit more walking, shared a root beer float (great breakfast!) then decided it was time to head back to camp. We spent about two hours there, and as we left, we saw dozens of people lining up for wagon rides, and a long line of cars making their way into the Farm, so I suspect we left at just the right moment! Had a proper lunch when we got back, then got Hubby hooked up to his dialysis machine. It's been getting harder to get a good connection, so we've been scheduled for yet another vein clearing on Tuesday, grrrr! A good day, though, Hubby was as glad as I was to get out of camp for a while and do something a little different. He even commented that we should look for more things like this to go to, to which I heartily agreed! Spent quite a bit of time chatting with some neighbors in the afternoon while Hubby was dialyzing, then settled down for a quiet evening, as it's been a couple of busy days!

Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019 – Barn Dance at Malabar Farms

Such a busy day yesterday, Hubby and I relaxed most of the day, though we chatted with a number of neighbors that stopped by during the day. I learned from one of them that Malabar Farms was having their “Heritage Day Festival” this weekend, and that there was going to be a Barn Dance with Square dancing tonight! I used to be a big square dancer in my youth, and I always enjoyed it, but I haven’t been in decades! Hubby decided he would come with me and people watch while I went dancing. So after a light dinner we got dressed up in our country best and headed over the Malabar. Though they didn’t have a shuttle service from the parking lot to the barn, we managed to get a volunteer from the foundation folks who were serving refreshments to get out his van and drive Hubby down to the barn where the dance was being held. We stood in a long line (well, I stood while Hubby sat on a bench until I got close to the door, as it was very busy, more so than usual because of the festival. I found out later they had over 350 people there! We found a good spot for Hubby, and then proceeded to start trying to find my way into a square, harder to do when you’re on your own, but eventually I got a spot, but it was playing the man’s role. After the first dance, I decided that changing genders was just too much to expect since I was already rusty, and I found a young man to take my place. I sat out the rest of that square, but when they started to form another one, I managed to get hooked up to an older fellow that apparently works on the farm, about the size of a jockey, but he was a very good dancer and was able to keep the square straight even when we had a lot of newbies. Some of the moves I had never seen before, so it’s obviously not the classical square dancing I’m used to, and someone said that it was a hybrid with Western style, whatever that means. I had trouble hearing the female caller over the music, and she did a lot more singing than calling, which I’m not used to, but I still have a great time. Whenever the band took a break, they had a recorder playing other music that got a bunch of line dancers on the floor, though I didn’t participate in that. Not a big fan of line dancing. Last time I line-danced was at Gilleys in Texas, and it all pales after that! Anyway, we had a good time, stayed until the dance ended at 10:00, then had our volunteer shuttle us back to the truck. A great time was had by all!

Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 – Clinic, Shopping and Dialysis

Up at the crack of dawn so that we could get to Hubby’s monthly clinic in Canton at 10:00, grabbing some breakfast on the way. That all went well, as usual, then on the way back we picked up propane at the Tractor Supply in Massillon, shopped at the Walmart, and headed straight back to camp from there. Even so, it was almost 4:00 by the time we got Hubby started on his dialysis session, so it was a late night. I just managed to get the horses fed before it got dark, so it was a short evening. Busy day!

Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019 – Short Ride on Reluctant Apollo

After a fairly lazy morning, and checking out Apollo's legs for any gimpiness, it seems that he just might be a bit stiff from standing around so long, I decided to saddle him up and just take him for a short ride. He was reluctant, but I think that was partly because it was so late in the day (as if he was going to miss dinner!), and maybe partly because of his stiffness, but with some gentle persuasion I managed to get him moving. He improved somewhat once we got out of camp, and I didn't really see any signs of limping, so I think it's just stiffness from standing on a highline for so many days in a row. We stayed within the park today, picking up a couple of trails I had missed previously, like along the utility easement and a short one that's not even on the map (go figure!), for just about an hour before we made it back to camp. Just as we were passing a pile of dirt and a building next to the camp, two deer suddenly bolted in front of us, which, naturally, made Apollo jump, but I managed to hand on, so damage done! Got our adrenaline going, though! Got back to camp and settled down for the evening. Several regulars here showed up tonight, early for the weekend, so we had several chats during the afternoon and evening. Another beautiful day reminiscent of my childhood days at the cottage!

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 – Delivery Day

After a couple of lazy days where we didn’t do much other than read, rest and dialyze, today we received our delivery of supplies. We had hoped to ride in the morning, but with the delivery time being a four hour window, by the time he got here it was too late to go, so hopefully tomorrow. Apollo seemed a little limpy this morning, not sure if he caught his leg on something or if he’s just tired of standing around. I wish I could put him on an anchor and let him graze in the campground, but there isn’t much grass here, and there’s so many obstacles in the way he’s likely to get caught on something every five minutes. I definitely have to take him for a ride, even if Hubby’s not up to it, let him stretch his legs for a bit. Other than the usual mundane chores, it was a really quiet and beautiful day here on the lake!

Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019 – Long Ride on Flash to Malabar Farms

Woke up to another gorgeous day, and since I had a day off from caregiving, I went on a long ride on Flash. The only con to this place is the lack of trails. The ones they have are nice, but there is only about an hour or so of riding if you take every trail in the park. You have to get off the property to get to more trails, and even that's pretty boring. I've noticed some people will take the trail toward Malabar, then make a big loop around a crop field a few miles out and come back again on the same trail. But Flash and I were both ready for a long ride today, so we headed out on the same linear trail to Malabar and kept going. I found one alternative trail to take that added a new trail experience, then later found the trail up to the Jeez overlook, which is the highest point around. Hubby and I had already driven out there, but I wanted to make it on horseback and we had no problem getting up to it. Passed a couple of bikers going in, but it was quiet at the summit when we got there. Beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the lake in the distance. Flash was in the mood to go, go, go today, and we did over 16 miles in less than 3.5 hours, averaging 4.7 miles per hour according to my mapping program. We did quite a bit of cantering along the fields as well as gaiting through the forest. He loves to move, this horse! And yet when we got back, the only sweat was under the saddle pad, just as it should be! Good horse! Great ride! Settled down for the afternoon reading and napping, a really fantastic day!

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 – Very Active Day at Camp

It seems the kids that came in yesterday are part of a 4H group, so there was a lot of running around, fishing from the shore (despite the signs that say “No Fishing From Shore”), lots of laughter and screeching so normal with young kids. Lola had to stay tied up all day, naturally, and Mike, the guy who is credited for developing the horse camp here, finally came in for the weekend. Had a few chats with him and Barb and a few other regulars, but otherwise had a pretty uneventful day. I ran down to the post office to pick up another package (Hubby got a new type of hearing aid last week and liked it enough to want to order a second one), so now he can hear me from both sides of his head (at least if he’s listening 🙂 ). We decided it was too busy in camp to try to ride today, so we just hung out in the screen room enjoying the perfect weather until dialysis time. Active day in camp, but a pretty lazy day for us!

Friday, Sept 20, 2019 – Shopping and Kayak Ride

Time to go shopping! Was hoping we could do it early enough so that I could get a nice ride on Flash today, but unfortunately, we kept getting delayed by one thing or another. Went to Tractor Supply to fill up two of three empty propane tanks, but had to trade in one of our propane tanks because I keep having problems with one of the valves, did that at Meijers. Tried to get our shopping done there as well, but gave up when the scooter Hubby was using died and they didn’t have another one, had a bad experience with one of the employees there. Ended up going to Walmart and finishing our shopping off that. Picked up some KFC on the way back to camp, and it was nearly three by that time, too late to take a long ride, so I decided to paddle around in my kayak instead. Took quite a long trip around about half the lake, very nice ride! A beautiful day, got some sun, then came to what was now a very busy campground, evidently a Four H weekend because there were lots of kids around. It’s going to be noisier than we had anticipated! Hubby played fetch with Lola most of the time I was gone, so they’re both a bit tuckered out now, too. Got settled in for the evening, watched an interesting movie called “Time Trap” and a few other things before going to bed.

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 – Ride Day with Hubby, Curious Deer

Hubby felt strong enough for a ride this morning, so I saddled up the horses and headed out on the trail. We did all the same trails we had done before, plus I added a loop on the white trail that wasn't too rough for him, and we ended up going over 3 miles, taking just over an hour. He was a bit tired by the end, but he did great, considering this was the longest ride he's been on in a while! On one section of the trail, there were a couple of young deer that just stood there watching us, and when we stopped to watch them, one actually stepped bravely toward us, giving us a great view! Got back to camp and started his dialysis afterward, had a bit of trouble with his access today, sorry to say it seems to be closing up again already, the venous clogged and we had to stop early, only getting about half the session in. Sigh. Looks like we'll have to schedule a de-clogging procedure before long, sorry to say. Oh, well, comes with the territory! Had a relaxing evening, expecting it to be a busy weekend, so we're enjoying the quiet while we can!