Archives for January 2019

Thursday, Jan. 31. 2019 – Brother Glenn Arrives

Another day that was too cool and rainy for a ride, so I spent the day doing a long overdue “spring cleaning” of the RV. Late in the evening, my brother Glenn from Austin arrived with his new bride in his motorhome. He’s coming for about 10 days, then jetting off to the Dominican Republic for a honeymoon at one of those all-in-one resorts. They walked back for a short visit before we went off to bed.

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019 – Early Dialysis and Euchre Day

Happily got a call for an earlier chair for Hubby, so I dropped him off at his dialysis center and went off to my Euchre club for an enjoyable couple of hours. Attendance was a bit thin today, but we had fun nevertheless. Went on to do my usual shopping, picked up Hubby, and drove through Culvers for a fabulous Cod sandwich for him and a couple of scoops of frozen custard for me. I don’t know why custard is so hard to find in Florida (it’s everywhere up in the Northeast!), but I find the flavor so superior to ice cream! That got us home, and we had a nice quiet evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019 – Another Long Training Ride on Flash

As promised, I did the same loop I did last Friday backwards, trying to beat our time record, but Flash was a bit more sluggish in the beginning so we didn't quite make it, though we did do some longer stretches at a faster gait later on. Still 18.5 miles is a good workout! Once got back, Hubby and I sat by the pool for a bit, waiting for our local vet to come to give both horses their annuals. They were a bit late, but we got it done before dark, thank goodness. I asked her to check out Flash for any problems, explaining I wanted to train him up for endurance rides, though more urgently for the OTL ride at the end of the month. She found one small area of his left front leg a bit swollen, but said to just rest him and walk him, and wrap it when we got back into our training schedule. She also said his heart sounded different, some kind of flutter in between beats. She had a name for it, but I couldn't pronounce it, but again, she said it wasn't anything to worry about. Hope she's right! Once she packed up and left, we once again settled down for the evening.

Monday, Jan. 28, 2019 – The Usual

Another day of dialysis and shopping, nothing new!

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 – Another Rainy Day

Another cold, wet rainy day, we stayed in and mostly just watched Netflix and rested. Gotta have a rain day every once in a while, even in Florida!

Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 – Rainy Day

No ride today, it rained all day, which was fine, I did some laundry and housework and rested a bit after our long ride yesterday!

Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 – 18 ½ miles In Less Than Three Hours!

Wow, what a ride! Today's goal was to increase the distance stretches of our faster gait, and Flash behaved beautifully! We started out crossing Indiantown road and following the canal down to the Loxahatchee Slough canal, but rather than go into the Slough trails, we kept straight on to the main canal. I've been trying to settle on a regular loop so that we can use it consistently to increase our speed and time, and this is a good one, the only road I have to cross is Indiantown where it is two-lane. From the main canal we cut into the north end part of the trail at Riverbend, then through the tunnel under Indiantown and straight back home through Cypress Creek. Now this is living! A beautiful 18.5 mile ride without traffic and without having to cross any roads except one! I think this will become our training loop for the time being, at least until I get thoroughly bored with it (which probably won't take long 🙂 ). The only complication was that there was a tree down along the last section of canal before getting home, and I tried to break enough branches off to get around it, and managed to get Flash around it on foot, though we had to step off the edge of the canal in order to make it around. Still got back in plenty of time to get Hubby to his dialysis session, and I went to Carson's Tavern for a quick Guinness before picking him up. It's kind of a pain having such a late appointment at the dialysis center, by the time we get home it's half past eight, and dinner after nine. We're hoping we can get earlier chair times eventually!

Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019 – Planned Ride Gets Rained Out

I got up early and got all dressed up for a long ride, only to walk out into the ever-increasing rain of the day. Much as I wanted to exercise Flash, I wasn’t about to catch pneumonia doing it, so after feeding everyone, I changed back into lounging clothes and we spent the “rain day” inside watching Netflix.

Wed., Jan. 23, 2019 – Dialysis and Feed Store Run

Not much happening today, just a stop at the Feed Store and Hubby’s dialysis. Very happy to be in South Florida, though, the rest of the country is in a Polar Vortex!

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019 – Another 15+ mile Ride on Flash

The day was windy today, so I was expecting a bit of trouble from Flash today, but hoping for the best, of course. I decided today to do one of my previous loops in reverse, heading out towards Cypress Creek first, where we reached the Mack Dairy Rd. Intersection just as a very large, old noisy truck arrived as well, and it kind of freaked Flash out a bit. I had to fight with him to get him across the road, even having to dismount to accomplish it in the end. We traveled quickly to the tunnel under Indiantown road, and continued through all of Riverbend, where Flash once again decided to rush his way all the way through it, almost all 4.5 miles of it. I almost get the impression there's something there that bothers him, maybe spirits from the old battlefield there or something freaky like that. I don't know, he just loves to go fast through there, don't know if it's because he loves it or hates it! He shied quite a bit because of all the waving palm fronts and windy litter that kept him anxious, and when we got to Jupiter Farms Road, he started to refuse to cross over the bridge, insisting on going across the road instead. Fortunately, the traffic around here is very good about slowing for horses, so once again I had to dismount and get him past the trouble spot. The construction was even more intense today, so I led him through it until we were clear of it, then finally mounted and headed back west along the canal. We once again did quite a bit of his nice cordo gait, so we made good time, and when we finally reached the crossover on Indiantown Road, it was clear of traffic and he was cooperative. In the end, the 15+ miles were done in less than three hours, so he's obviously getting fitter, as am I! A few chores and then we settled down for the evening.