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Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 – Travel Day HOME!

Got up early as we always do on a travel day, fortunately it wasn’t raining at that moment, but we had a lot of rain overnight, so everything was soggy. We had moved the horse trailer from down the hill to as close to the road as we could, but it turned out still not to be enough. When we hooked up the van and started pulling, we quickly started spinning in the mud. I grabbed a shovel and started moving some gravel from the road under the rear tires of the van, and after several attempts, finally made it out of the hole, without doing too much damage, and which I quickly repaired. We managed to get out pretty quickly after that. Fortunately, I only had two bales of hay left in the back of the truck, which we put inside a couple of large trash bags, so when we ran into rain later they stayed dry. By the time we got home, the skies had cleared up a bit, apparently the rain was fairly isolated to the Southern KY area, right where we were camping. It was downright dry by the time we got home. We got the electric fence up and got the horses settled in, did some unpacking, then settled down for the rest of the day. We’ll be home until at least the second week of November, doing mundane house and yardwork, doctors appointments, etc., so I will be suspending the blog until we get back on the road. Enjoy your Fall!