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Thursday, August 30, 2012 – End of Convention, Let down

Last day of the convention is always a letdown, after the rush, but previously we used to have a wrap party, though we didn’t have one last time, and we didn’t have one this time, so we all ended up drifting away to separate get-togethers, if we have them. Our group ended up back at the hotel, where we had drinks at the bar before heading to bed, having had food at the convention before heading back. We all broke up fairly early though, as Jane and Steve both had 6 a.m. flights, whereas we cleverly arranged to fly out Saturday, knowing we needed a day of rest before facing any travel challenges. We all said our goodbyes and headed off to bed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 – Back to Work

Finally felt well enough to go in. My Pink Eye was mostly gone (at least I didn’t look like a Zombie and I was past the contagious stage, or at least I was washing my hands every five minutes to make sure I didn’t spread it), and I was still on enough cough medicine, ibuprofin, Afrin and everything else where I could pass for almost healthy. Rather than disturb what was a system that was obviously working, I just took over the floater detail, which was pretty easy because the bulk of the speakers had already gone through. Ultimately, for me at least, a pretty uneventful day. At least I was there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – Sick Day

Feeling better, but not enough to guarantee I could make it through the day, so instead of going in and making everyone worry about me, I stayed in bed another day, dammit. I did spend the day watching the convention and making notes on all the speakers so I could better guide my coaches tomorrow, so it actually turned out to be a constructive day, though not so much fun as being there…

Monday, August 27, 2012 – Sick Day

Spent the whole day in bed, sleeping, occasionally eating, and popping every pill and remedy I could get my hands on. Only felt marginally better, not much. Hubby got back around 10:30, he gave me the highlights. Fortunately, today’s convention schedule had been postponed because of a tropical storm, so a lot of speakers were cancelled anyway.

Sunday, August 26, 2012 – House Doctor Diagnoses, Sent Home to Hotel

Sick today, though I dragged myself into work anyway. I looked so bad my compatriots found the house docter (literally, the attending physician of the Congress of the United States, no less!) who examined me and concluded I had a severe respiratory sydrome in my head and lungs, a perforated eardrum (I had lost the hearing in my left in a few days ago), and conjunctivitis, aka Pink Eye, something I had once as a kid, which made my eyes super-red and watery, and was contagious as can be. I had no choice but to return to the hotel in the afternoon, with Jane taking over my rehearsal room, and Steve taking over Jane’s. Thank goodness I had planned for the contingency by bringing Steve on board back in 2008, but I never dreamed it would be ME he’d end up filling in for! I always figured it would be one of the older folks in the crew, like 78 year old Hubby! Oh well, at least the contract was being fulfilled, though I hated missing even a minute of it!

Saturday, August 25, 2012 – Schedule Filling Up, Feeling Ill

Worked with some more speakers today, with Steve as our floater, filling in all the cracks between the rehearsal rooms, the stage, the participants lounge, scheduling and the speechwriters. Started to seriously not feel well, though, it seems the bug I got is finally overtaking me.

Friday, August, 24, 2012 – First Customers, Steve Arrives, Birthday Dinner

Had a couple of speakers come in to rehearse today, a good start. Our second subcontractor Steve arrived, got him up to speed as well, then at the end of the day, we all headed over to the hotel restaurant for a nice dinner with the four of us, plus one other gentleman who has been at all of the last 5 conventions with us (and then some, I think), and it turned out to be a lovely little dinner party to celebrate my birthday.

Thursday, August 23, 2012 – Jane Arrives

Our subcontractor and friend Jane arrived, and we got her caught up on systems and procedures. Everything on track for an efficient convention.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 – First Day at RNCC

Took the hotel shuttle over to the Times Forum, which was already being surrounded by fences making it look like an invasion was impending, spent most of the day getting caught up on systems and procedures and getting organized for the upcoming job.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 – Flight to Tampa

Finished packing in the morning, taxi to airport, flight on Southwest in the late afternoon. FROZE!!!! I kept getting colder and colder, and they had no blankets, and no matter how many times I asked the flight attendant essentially ignored me, then the landing was delayed because of weather. I spent the last hour of the flight curled into fetal position trying to stay warm, but by then I was shivering so bad, a deep down to the bone chill that felt like my connective tissues literally disconnected from the bones. It was horrible, and I knew I was going to end up getting sick, just what we didn’t need for the next 10 days!! It’s crazy, flying from 80 degree weather to 90 degree weather, and catching a cold because the flight was about 55 degrees (though honestly, it felt even colder than that!) It was raining when we landed, the airport was freezing so I couldn’t get warmed up, raining when we got into our car service, though I managed to talk the driver into taking off the air condition, freezing in every store we stopped in on our way to the hotel (welcome to Florida in August, where the indoor temperature is so cold that if it were that temperature up north, someone would put the heat on!), and finally freezing in the hotel lobby when we checked in. I couldn’t warm up for the life of me! Finally, we got checked into our room, which had a lovely balcony overlooking the river, so I opened the patio door and sat outside where I FINALLY was able to get a bit warmed up. I knew it was too late, though, and one of the stops was a drug store for some cold medicine, because I knew I was going to get sick. We ended up ordering room service because we knew the restaurant would be too cold, a nice bowl of stew was just the thing! Comfy room, we got a pretty good night sleep.