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Sunday, October 30, 2011 – Sick Day Again

Snowy back yard at Byrne

Felt no better this morning, spent even more time in bed today, though when I did get up, I helped Hubby with some preparations for our departure tomorrow. Very cold, lots of snow to the north of us, record levels in NYC and New England, millions of people without electricity. Another nice thing about having our own generators! Not looking forward to leaving, but we’ve already outstayed our maximum time here, and we need to start moving southward, albeit just to Delaware. We had made several plans over the last week, most of which got blown up for one reason or another, so the final plan is to head to Redden State Forest in southern Delaware. They don’t have a “horse” camp, but they do have 5 or 6 campsites and a lodge with a water spigot, and some horse trails and roads. The best part is that it’s free, and after having had to spend so much time in stables and full price campgrounds, we need to conserve for a while. Fortunately it’s only about three hours’ drive, with luck. Spent most of the day in bed, but it doesn’t seem to be helping, I still feel pretty awful.

Saturday, October 29, 2011 – Rain/Snow/Sick Awful Day

Woke up feeling under the weather today, and the weather was pretty awful to be under. It rained and snowed off and on most of the day, cold and damp all around. My head felt like it does after a long fever has broken, that kind of achy, shrinking feeling, except I haven’t had a fever. I have a dry cough and apparently some chest congestion, though no sore throat, no runny nose, none of the usual stuff a cold starts with, so this is weird. My eyese seemed a bit senstive to light, too, which I can’t remember ever happening before. Let myself sleep late, got up long enough for breakfast and went back to sleep for most of the afternoon. Had dinner and spent the evening watching TV, but was ready for bed. Not looking too good right now.

Friday, October 28, 2011 – Sunny and Cold

Quite chilly today, though the sun outside was brilliant and made it look warmer. Stayed inside and did some more office work, then relaxed for the rest of the day.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 – Rain/Shopping Day

Started raining early and kept it up off and on all day. We decided to take the opportunity to go do some more shopping. Lots of people out today, likely getting ready for the Halloween weekend. Nice to get back to our cozy little house on wheels, snuggling in for the evening.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 – Another Ride Day before Rain

Since the weather forecast is calling for rain and colder weather tomorrow, Hubby and I decided to take another ride today. This time we managed to find our way along the whole horse trail in reverse, as we had intended yesterday, and it was lovely again. This is really a nice place for horses, and I hope the locals encourage the forest service to open up camping to horses more regularly, particularly during the off-season. It’s been really perfect weather since we’ve been here, just a bit cool on a couple of days, but mostly fine. Being the end of October, though, we can’t expect it to last much longer! Another relaxing evening, still catching up on our rest as much as possible.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 – Ride Day

Took another ride today, this time trying to reverse our 8.1 horse trail from last time. Had some trouble though, lost track of a couple of turns and ended up getting lost somewhat. We eventually realized that the trail markings are only on one side of a tree rather than the standard both sides, so it was easy to get messed up. Spend more time on roads that we normally like, and the ride ended up being shorter than we had planned, but it was still an enjoyable day. Any day spent on the back of a horse is a good day!

Monday, October 24, 2011 – Catch Up Day

Spent the day catching up on paperwork, bookkeeping and phone calling. Have to pay attention to business every once in a while, seeing as we’re not exactly retired! (and probably never will be, this is too much fun!)

Sunday, October 23, 2011 – Rest Day

Relaxed today, again trying to recuperate from all our recent exertions. Made it a movie day! Vegged out in front of the TV, that was about it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011 – Hay Day

After several false starts and not too much help from craigslist this time, I managed to find a place nearby that sold nice grass hay mix for $5.50/bale. These were nice heavy bales, though, some of the heaviest we’ve seen in a while. We’re glad to be done with the last batch, that ended up getting really dusty from getting wet the first day out. New stuff is nice and green, just cut within the last few weeks, though of course, fall grass won’t be as nutritious, so we’ve been supplementing them with senior feed and oats anyway for the last month or so. Nice seller, helped us load up, we got 30 bales in the horse trailer to keep it dry until we finish up the old stuff and get ready to move on. Having such a good time at Brendan T. Byrne, we’ve decided to stay awhile.

Friday, October 21, 2011 – Fabulous Ride Day!

Made the full 8.1 mile loop today, and it was wonderful. One or two places were along gravel road stretches (not our favorite), and along tarmac road, but most of it was lovely footing through beautiful pine barrens (though I’m not sure why they call them barrens, they seem pretty full of stuff to me!) Got in some lovely trots and canters, and really enjoyed ourselves. Starting to feel like things are getting back to normal! Another quiet evening, restful after our lovely ride.