Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019 – Clinic and Runaround

Up early and headed out to the clinic before 9:00, arriving in time for our appointment at 9:30. Spent the usual hour plus going through the requirements of home hemodialysis, then headed over to a graphics place to pick up some T-shirts I had ordered last week. Unfortunately, they kind of messed up the order, I had made changes on my second communication, and it fell through the cracks, so they’re trying to figure out a way to make it up to me. Thank I got a text from our realtor that he wanted to show the house, and we thought we might have to meet him up there and headed in that direction. At the last minute, we learned that we didn’t, so we turned back around again, wasting a lot of time and effort. A quick stop at Walmart, mostly for a prescription that wasn’t ready yet, then a search for a Thai restaurant that Hubby was in the mood for, but the only two we found turned out to be real dives. We ended up at Red Lobster, and that was a disappointment, for me anyway, probably because I think I caught a bug while at the hospital on Monday, and it’s hitting me full force today, despite multiple doses of generic Zicam, echinacea tea and nasal spray. Finally got home where I crawled into bed, wishing I had been able to get there hours earlier and dozed off, waking myself up with my own snoring, which is a trick. Finally got up to get the horses inside, and for the first time since we’ve been here, Hubby walked into the barn to watch me bring the horses in and do my chores with them. He even sat around the Tack Room chatting for a bit, offering to do his rendition of The Man from Snowy River poem and some Shakespeare to whoever is around over the weekend, a sign that he’s definitely feeling a lot better, thank goodness! Finally came back into the trailer, watched a good movie and a couple of Cheers before heading off the bed, hoping for a good enough night’s sleep to get back in the pink tomorrow!

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019 – Back Procedure Today!

Well, today is the day Hubby’s been waiting for for six months, a re-do on his lazer abliation on the right side of his back. He’s been suffering for so long, years really, and we’re hoping that this will be the final solution for his back pain. Cold again today so I left the horses in before we left for the doctor’s office in Manchester. Made stops at Walmart and Tractor Supply for propane before we arrived there half an hour early. We were hoping they might be able to slip up in a bit early, but their schedule was full, so it was actually an hour before they took him in. The whole procedure only took a short time, and he was walking out half an hour later, standing up straighter and not having to lean on his fancy walking stick. Hopefully this time it will work! I had brought in his boxes of dialysate into the trailer before we left so that they warm up, but they still didn’t warm up enough to keep the overal temperatures from dropping once it started flowing. Unfortunately, that meant Hubby was shivering halfway through, though it improved later when the levels got lower. Anyway, we passed the time with movies and computer work before settling down for the evening.

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019 – Quiet FROZEN Day

Woke up to temps in the teens, after it rained, then turned to snow overnight. Had to use a lighter to get into the back of the trailer to get horse feed, but fortunately, the barn was still pretty warm from yesterday, and the Tack Room was downright cozy with the wood stove still burning embers from last night. Put the heavy blankets on the horses nevertheless, as temps aren’t supposed to go above freezing today, and the heat in the barn was bound to dissipate through the day. No point in doing much of anything today with the cold, it was all we could do to stay warm in the trailer. Thank goodness we have plenty of propane, and there’s very good insulation in here, but nevertheless, we’ve been running the electric fireplace and an extra space heater, and having to supplement that with the furnace to keep it warm enough for Hubby, who gets uncomfortably cold whenever it’s less than about 76 degrees in here. So it was a lazy day of old movies and computer work, a nice, quiet day at the cold, cold farm!

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019 – Cardioversion Day

Got up at the crack of dawn as we had to be at the hospital in Murfreesboro by 7:00 for Hubby’s cardioversion, a short procedure to get his heart back into rhythm after it went into A-fib two weeks ago. Arrived right on time, everything went well (one shock and done!), went out to breakfast at Metro Diner, which turned out to be rather a disappointment. Service was so-so, food came out mostly cold (nothing worst than cold eggs!), and it took much longer than we expected. Got back to the farm and started dialysis, and that was pretty much it for the day!

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 – Busy Productive Day

Had an appointment to sell my 3-point log-splitter at 11:00, so I set the alarm to make sure I didn’t oversleep. Managed to get a good night sleep and felt much better when I got up just before 8:00. Then I got a message from the mother of a good friend that Hubby had mentored years ago, she’s been looking for a rental in the area, with no luck, and I told her that my house was for sale, and that I might rent it to the right person (which includes her, of course!) She wanted her husband to see it, but they were pressed for time, and had to meet almost immediately. I hustled Hubby out of bed and we were on our way in less than a half hour, and met up with them at the house, which they loved! She had seen it before, but her hubby hadn’t, and he fell in love with it immediately! We talked for a bit, and came to some tentative terms, then they ran off so he could make a flight back to Florida to pick up a truck and move up to Tennessee. What a turn of events! After months of no action, to suddenly have a friend decide she wants to move back to the area and to have someone in the house will be great! A load off my mind! Not to mention a little income to help with our travel and house expenses! Then I met with the log-splitter buyer and they hauled that off behind a tractor, then Hubby and I went down to Manchester, grabbed some breakfast at the Waffle House, I stopped for fuel and eggs, and got back to the farm mid-afternoon. Rosie was just getting load of firewood in, and there were a bunch of people around, so we all pitched in and got it done in short order. Many hands do make light work! Then I got Rosie and her farmhand to help me load some stuff I had picked up at the house up into the trailer’s “attic,” stuff I wanted in Florida but didn’t want to haul around all summer, so since we’re heading south next week, now was the time to get it! Finally, it was getting dark, I brought the horses in and spent a quiet evening.

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 – Lousy Night, Quiet Day

Not sure what happened, but for some reason I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I felt like I was on a sugar rush or an adrenaline high, even though I hadn’t done any particularly active before going to be. It was going to be so cold overnight I decided to leave Lola in the barn in the room with the wood stove, but she somehow managed to escape and came scratching at the door at about 2:30 in the morning. I let her in, and she wouldn’t settled down, she scratched at the bedroom door and scratched at the exterior door until she scratched the screen to pieces. I gave up, got up, put her out in the truck, turned on a propane tank (the one that was on had emptied out during the night so the furnace wasn’t working) and finally got back to bed. It must have been about 4:00 when I finally fell asleep, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I woke up it was almost 11:00! Got up and took care of the horses, then got Hubby up, and before we knew it, it was time to start dialyzing. I was so tired I could barely get him hooked up, but fortunately it was an uneventful session, and we just watched old Westerns, which kept us awake just fine. Went to bed before it was too late, hoping tonight I can catch up on some sleep!

Friday, Nov. 8, 2019 – Doctor Day

Woke up once again to Hubby’s defibrillator alarm going off, decided to keep the horses inside today since it got very cold after the storm front went through. Had a good visit with the doctor, spent some time chatting with the male nurse that we’ve known for years now and who has helped us out many times. The doctor agrees we need to do another cardioversion to get his heart back in rhythm, and we’ve managed to secure an appointment early Monday morning. That works perfectly, as he’s scheduled to get his back fixed on Wednesday, has his monthly clinic on Thursday and the plan is to leave the following Monday, so I’ll have the weekend to pack up, unless we decide to leave early. I put a heavy blanket on Apollo tonight, and left the new lined rainsheet I just bought on Flash, as it’s supposed to get down into the low 20’s tonight, and I’m afraid even in the barn it will get too cold. I put a jacket on Lola and put her in the sitting room in the barn, as it’s too cold to be in the truck, and I’ve been stoking the wood stove all day so it’s pretty warm in there. After a quiet evening, we’re off to bed!

Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019 – Rainy Day

Didn’t get as good a night sleep as we might have, I didn’t put Lola in the truck tonight, and she grew increasingly restless, scratching at the door to get out, as well as scratching at the bedroom door. When she started having a barking fit and wouldn’t quiet down, I finally got up, put my bathrobe on and put her in the truck. I don’t know what we’re going to do next week when the temps drop down in the teens (fingers crossed the forecast is wrong!), but for last night, she went into the truck. She doesn’t seem to mind, she buries herself deep into her luxury bed, but I don’t know if that will be enough when it’s so much colder. Wait and see! Rain came in around 4:00 a.m. and was steady most of the day, but I did manage to slip in between a few breaks to feed the horses and get them out in the pasture. Even though it was raining, the temps were still fairly warm, so I wasn’t worried. Dialyzed Hubby in the afternoon and watched some old westerns, a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon! When it was time for the horses to come, I had a bit of a scare. When I called Apollo, he answered with his usual whinny and headed my way, but there was no sign of Flash! Usually he’s within a few yards of him, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. Finally, just as Apollo was making his final approach to the gate, Flash popped up over the top of a hill and came running towards us. I had put Flash’s halter down in the barn, so I decided to try something. I put Apollo’s halter on, and just opened the gate, hoping Flash would follow, and he most certainly did! He headed toward the wrong barn, though, but stopped at the door as if to say, “This isn’t right!,” then when Apollo and I got into the right barn, he came trotting over. Apollo went straight into his stall, and as Flash came up the aisle, I just waved him into his stall, though it looked liked he was going in there anyway. Fabulous! They are both such good horses, and I can’t wait until we’re back on the road in a horse camp so we can be riding again! The rain stopped and a cold wind came in, we’re expecting freezing temps by morning. Brrr! Wish we were already in Florida!! Won’t be long now, though, can’t wait! Hubby headed to bed early, not feeling too well, but we have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, hopefully we can get him fixed up. Off to bed for me now!

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 – Shopping

Got up when Hubby’s heart alarm went off at 7:45, as has been the habit the last week since it started going off, just in time to receive a phone call from his heart doctor’s office saying they’ve moved up his appointment to this Friday, thank goodness. We have such a busy week next week, I was beginning to doubt we would have time to get everything done (and I’m still not sure about it), but at least we have a starting point. We left the house early, went to Bedford Tack to get a new rain sheet for Flash, as he managed to destroy his in the field the other day, and they were having an incredible sale, where I picked one up for just $5.00, woo-hoo! Then we had a nice lunch at the Midway Diner, Hubby was in the mood for liver for some strange reason, though all they had was deep fried chicken liver rather than his usual beef liver and onions, but he was happy. We missed breakfast by two minutes, so I was forced to eat a burger instead of my usual breakfast, which I had hoped for. Then a quick trip to Walmart for some items, then home for an afternoon of relaxation. The temps reached over 70, so Hubby stayed outside in his gravity chair and napped most of the afternoon, while I did more work on my computer. I’ve volunteered to help the folks that put together the OTL (Ocean to Lake) trail riding event, and started to put together a media list for the purpose of getting wider coverage and attract folks from further away, so that was my focus this afternoon. Sat in on a conference call of their meeting this evening, then settled down for the rest of an uneventful night.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 – Rest and Dialysis

I don’t know if it was the busy week or the travel or what, but Hubby and I still feel bushed from the recent activity. I think it might be worse for him since his heart defibrillator alarm has gone off, and evidently he’s back in A-fib, which always wears him out, and I’ve been calling the doctor’s office but still haven’t gotten an answer about what to do. In any event, other than the usual chores, we relaxed most of the day, with only the routine of dialysis to expend our energy on.