Wed., Feb. 6, 2019 – Euchre and Dialysis

Dropped a book order off at the mailbox, got some For Sale signs for the old travel trailer ready until I couldn’t find any staples for the staple gun, dropped Hubby off at the dialysis center, went to my weekly Euchre game, picked up a few things at the Walmart, then headed back to the dialysis center to wait for Hubby. Managed to get caught up on the blog while I waited. It seems I keep getting behind, no matter how hard I try, things just get in the way! I’ll keep trying, though!

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019 – Long Ride and Dinner with The Boys

Another beautiful Florida morning, crisp and cool then warming up later. I saddled up Flash early and headed out for our 18.5 mile loop to Riverbend Park. I checked his leg for warmth and swelling, and felt very little, so I just wrapped it up nice and hit the trail. It must not have bothered him much, because almost every time I gave him a loose rein without instruction, he decided to speed up. He's gotten great about not reacting to birds jumping out of the canal at him, and at one point, I think he was even having a race with an ibis that kept moving out in front of us, for a much longer distance than usual. We saw lots of wildlife today, lots of birds, a couple of alligators, a bright green iguana, and finally, the pink bird we saw Sunday, though I'm not sure it's an ibis now, it has a rather strange, shoehorn shaped bill, which, with a little research on the internet, turns out to be a roseate spoonbill. Flash was brilliant, with several nice canters, and once again, when we were finished, his ankle felt only slightly warm, so it's obviously not bothering him much, though I'll keep an eye on it. I was back by noon, so Hubby and I enjoyed a nice brunch together, then we went into town for a doctor's appointment for his back (we're hoping to get some injections in order to get some long-term relief), then met both brothers and my new sister-in-law at Jeff's favorite restaurant, Rancho Chico in Tequesta for a nice meal. I splurged on a strawberry margarita (well, two, actually) and had a good time all around. A very nice day!

Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 – Another Day of Dialysis and Dog Park

Brought Lola along again, with Hubby getting an early chair time, so just another mundane day!

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 – Short Ride with Brother Jeff and Hubby

Started the day saddling up both horses so that Hubby and I could take a ride, and brother Jeff joined us on Frost. As we went up the road for a tour of the neighborhood, we met up with another rider named Cary on her TW Coco(a?) who joined us as we rode along the canal for a bit. She evidently boards a couple of streets over. She showed us a little detour that avoided the road for a short segment before heading off to her barn, and we carried on until we reached the end of the line, where I wanted to show Hubby these crazy palm trees. Someone meticulously cuts off each frond as it dies off, then lacquers or polyurethane's it to make the whole trunk shiny. It actually makes the tree look fake! We all had a good laugh about it before heading back to the other side of the neighborhood for about a 3 ½ mile ride. Just as we were heading down the last canal on the way home, Flash decided to lay down. He had started doing that earlier, but Hubby had been able to stop him, but this time he went quicker, and Hubby didn't have time to get his foot out of the stirrup so he sort of toppled out of the saddle. No injuries, though his elbow kind of bashed into his ribs, which will probably hurt later. It took us a few minutes to get him back into the saddle without a mounting block, but we managed it, and got the rest of the way home without incident. On the last stretch, though, we saw what we thought was a rare pink ibis, I managed to get a quick photo just before Flash laid down. A nice ride, always good to have Hubby with me on the trail!

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 – Played Chauffeur, Then A Short Ride with Brother Jeff

First, brother Jeff needed a ride to the auto parts store for a part to fix his power steering pulley on his Bronco (which is really hilarious, he has half a dozen vehicles scattered around his property, none of which are running at the moment!), then brother Glenn needed a ride down to pick up a rental car, which dragged on longer than it should because he hadn't fully confirmed availabilities at our first stop (first because, guess what? They didn't have any cars available!), so then we had to go further to pick one up at another place. They didn't have the size he wanted, so they upgraded him to a small SUV, and he was happy because it fit his golf clubs. Once we got back, Jeff and I decided to go for a short ride, to see how my horse Flash and his horse (well, his boarder's horse) Frost did together on the trail. Just a short run around the neighborhood, but everything went fine. Jeesh, I though Apollo had a slow walk, but Frost is even more of a slug than him! So I have to hold Flash back quite a bit, and that made him a little antsy, but it all worked out. Lola came with us because we just went out the back to Hungryland, heading for Pratt Whitney Rd. We got farther than Hubby and I did last week, but still didn't make it to PW, as he's still pretty out-of-shape and started feeling it. It was a good thing, though, because at their sluggish pace, we barely got back before the sun went down! Settled in for a quiet evening.

Friday, Feb. 1, 2019 – Lola and I went to the Dog Park

Decided to bring Lola with us today, dropping off Hubby at the dialysis center, and then taking Lola down to Walmart for shopping. then out to the Haney Park Dog Park, where we had ourselves a good time! A good way to end the week!

Thursday, Jan. 31. 2019 – Brother Glenn Arrives

Another day that was too cool and rainy for a ride, so I spent the day doing a long overdue “spring cleaning” of the RV. Late in the evening, my brother Glenn from Austin arrived with his new bride in his motorhome. He’s coming for about 10 days, then jetting off to the Dominican Republic for a honeymoon at one of those all-in-one resorts. They walked back for a short visit before we went off to bed.

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019 – Early Dialysis and Euchre Day

Happily got a call for an earlier chair for Hubby, so I dropped him off at his dialysis center and went off to my Euchre club for an enjoyable couple of hours. Attendance was a bit thin today, but we had fun nevertheless. Went on to do my usual shopping, picked up Hubby, and drove through Culvers for a fabulous Cod sandwich for him and a couple of scoops of frozen custard for me. I don’t know why custard is so hard to find in Florida (it’s everywhere up in the Northeast!), but I find the flavor so superior to ice cream! That got us home, and we had a nice quiet evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019 – Another Long Training Ride on Flash

As promised, I did the same loop I did last Friday backwards, trying to beat our time record, but Flash was a bit more sluggish in the beginning so we didn't quite make it, though we did do some longer stretches at a faster gait later on. Still 18.5 miles is a good workout! Once got back, Hubby and I sat by the pool for a bit, waiting for our local vet to come to give both horses their annuals. They were a bit late, but we got it done before dark, thank goodness. I asked her to check out Flash for any problems, explaining I wanted to train him up for endurance rides, though more urgently for the OTL ride at the end of the month. She found one small area of his left front leg a bit swollen, but said to just rest him and walk him, and wrap it when we got back into our training schedule. She also said his heart sounded different, some kind of flutter in between beats. She had a name for it, but I couldn't pronounce it, but again, she said it wasn't anything to worry about. Hope she's right! Once she packed up and left, we once again settled down for the evening.

Monday, Jan. 28, 2019 – The Usual

Another day of dialysis and shopping, nothing new!