Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Rest Day

Though we had hoped to take a short ride today, Hubby persuaded me to take a rest day (though I’ve felt more productive and had more energy since we’ve been here than I’ve had in a long time!), and in between cloudy skies, a few showers, and the occasional burst of sun, we had a pleasant day, mostly reading, with me doing some inevitable work on the computer. Late in the afternoon he suddenly got a headache, something that seems to happen every time he takes one of his new prescriptions. We’re hoping that will work itself out, we certainly don’t want daily headaches to be the new normal! I put the horses out on their anchors today, so they could mow some of the very long grass out here (and save hay : -), and they’ve done a smashing job, though there’s plenty left for the rest of the week. A quiet day, a quiet evening, hopefully tomorrow will result in a ride!

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