Wednesday, May 13, 2015 – Seminar Day

We had planned on staying in one place today for two reasons; 1) to rest from the longest drive day we’ve done in years (made longer by all the fun we had yesterday), and 2) so that I could do a teleseminar via phone. According to the Verizon coverage map, this place was supposed to have a good cell phone signal, but sadly, that was not the case, which meant I had to drive out someplace until I got a good signal and do the seminar from the vehicle. We had planned on unhooking the truck because we didn’t trust the van much, but then we had trouble with the RV winch, the one that raises and lowers the RV on and off the trailer hitch, even though we’ve never had any trouble with it before. Naturally! So in the end, I had to take the van anyway. I drove back down to the Walmart near the interstate, found a nice quiet shady spot near the back, facilitated the conference call, and then went inside and shopped, I figured that would save us having to stop on the next leg of the journey home, and even though I was already tired, I figured it would be worse tomorrow, so I got it done. Finally got back to camp after 4:00, ready to crash! Hubby had managed to figure out the problem with the winch, mostly just corrosion that he cleaned up, but now it was working like a charm, thank goodness! We did all we could to get ready for another early start tomorrow, then spent the evening doing our best to relax and forget about the trials of yesterday!

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