Tuesday, November 23, 2010 – Another Runaround Day

Slept late, had breakfast, then headed out to pick up the van and turn in the rental. Also found a post office to mail some checks to the bank, as we had sold a number of books last week during our various sessions and had received mail while we were at the Ritz. Had rec’d one check from Bank of America, and went to a branch to cash it. After a LONG wait, we were told there “might” be a $6 charge to cash it, but they weren’t sure, and then they couldn’t find the account it was written from, and we were told we needed to speak to customer service so they can do “more research.” After another 10 minute wait, we left without having cashed the check, confirming our bad feelings about Bank of America. We found a nice Indian Restaurant nearby and had a meal, then suddenly remembered that it was in Albuquerque many years before when I had stocked up on a lot of Indian spices at a place called Talin Market, though we couldn’t remember the name. We thought it was on Central Ave., so after we finished shopping at Wal-mart, we went on an expedition to find it, and re-discovered it at the corner of Central and Louisiana. This is truly a fabulous store, with aisles separated by cuisine from all areas around the world, both packaged a fresh. I stocked up again, delighted we found the place. Headed back to Diane’s, arriving just before dark, found she had already fed the horses for us (thanks Diane!), and settled down for the night, truly exhausted.

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