Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – Ride and Work Day

Slept well, except for the traffic noise in the distance. The good thing about Natchez Trace is the same as the bad thing about Natchez Trace. It’s very convenient to the freeway. Just 2.2 miles off I-40, it’s very close when you’re passing through, but there is that constant thrum of traffic all night and day. In any event, I spent some time in the morning solving more potential problems, then finished off well enough to get a ride in. Left about 11:45, on a trail that was just across came from where we camped, and were grateful the trails were fairly well marked. We only came close to getting lost twice. 🙂 The trails were well worn, many were washed out with bypasses around them, but for the most part the footing was very good, mostly sand and clay. Only had one road that had some gravel on it, but nothing significant. We took our boots along in the saddlebags, but never felt it was necessary to bring them out. Rode about 7 miles, was back in camp before 2:15, which was just right. We just wanted a ride long enough to work out their energy, not enough to wear them out, and that’s exactly what happened. The horses had more energy than we expected after their long trip on Sunday, but they are getting so fit now that they really need to be ridden every few days. But then again, it was cool and there was intermittent rain, so that may have affected them as well. Spent some time finding more horse camps on our route, then had a relaxing evening, getting ready for another travel day tomorrow.

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