Thursday, May 7, 2015 – Discussion and Another Rest Day

After reviewing the weather forecast, which is looking rather rainy for quite a long period of time, we spent some time in the morning reviewing our options. The advantage of where we are is that it is very quiet and peaceful, far away from any traffic so the dogs can run around, and has lots of grass for the horses so we can save on feeding them hay. The down side is, it’s still in Texas, a long way from home, and there’s no satellite signal (too many trees). The next several places I have lined up are all near roads with traffic, one is next to a railroad track, and two have just a possibility of a satellite signal. All will likely suffer from rain and mud, including here. We determined the real priority is to get Hubby fit. Right now he seems to have one good day, followed by a not so good day. We were going to ride today, as it’s only a 20% chance of rain after 1:00, but he decided he wanted to rest instead, to put his full recuperation behind him, or at least get used to his meds so he doesn’t feel as bad as he did on Monday driving. I did manage to persuade him to take a brief walk, just to help him build his strength up, but otherwise we spent most of the day relaxing, watching movies and watching the sun come out late in the afternoon. We took a second walk in the afternoon, just around the campsite area and up the road a bit so Lola could take a swim, then settled down for another quiet evening. Beginning to think we may not get a ride in at all over the next week, the way the weather is looking. Sigh.

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