Thursday, March 23, 2023 – Got A Few Things Done

Hey Sweetie,
Had a decent night sleep, chores and breakfast, then I got a few things done. Started out moving my mattresses to the opposite side, putting the lump that formed when the baffling burst to the other side, and let some air out, so hopefully that will balance it a bit. Also did some research on new mattresses, again, and might have a solution if I decide this doesn’t work out. After testing the motor on my pressure cleaner and seeing that it worked fine, I switched them out and boxed up the new one to return it. It’s obviously the pump, which, of course, isn’t available any more, so I drove out and posted it back. Stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things, then headed back. Assembled Glenn’s new pressure washer, and tested it out on a big white van in Jeff’s yard, he says he wants to move it out of the way, which would be a relief, but wanted to clean it up a bit, for some reason. Not really understanding why I’m cleaning junk, but I did it anyway, just as a test to see how the new pressure washer worked. Just fine, as a matter of fact. Just about the time that was done, I checked on my UPS delivery, and discovered my new microwave had arrived minutes before, so I drove out to the end of the driveway and brought that back in. Finally settled down for the evening, with a Remington Steele and a rom/com, which unfortunately kept buffering so it took a lot longer than I expected. Anyway, ready for shower and bed! Good night, babe! Love you!

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