Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014 – Football and Blog Catchup Day

It rained all night, we had buckets of water, and even the rain barrel had a lot of water in it, though not as much as I thought it would, probably because it has a leak in it somewhere, another job for Hubby to look at when he has some time and energy. We’re both feeling a lot more rested, finally, and we haven’t seen a soul up here since the first day! Very quiet here, just what we need for recharge out batteries. Had to do a water run, but before I did, I checked the spigot that was closest to us, and YEAH, it worked! Instead of having to run the trailer around, filling the rain barrel, then sump pumping it into the RV, all I had to do was string out enough hose (which, fortunately, we had) to reach from the spigot to the RV. Yeah! That means I can get some laundry done, as the forecast is sunny for the rest of the week. Hubby will have to run down to Cedarville tomorrow for more gas for the generator, but we’ve now solved all our problems, and I’m starting to really like this place. Won’t be much dust after all the rain, so now I’m looking forward to riding here, too, maybe later in the week when it warms up. That’s the only drawback here at this time of the year, it’s a bit chilly, in the low 40’s, even upper 30’s during the night, while it’s 10 degrees warmer in the valley. No worries, though, we’re keeping warm, and the forecast is for upper 60’s later in the week. Not sure how long we’ll be staying, depend on the progress of the weather. Don’t want to miss our window going south, as we do need to spend some time in the Reno area, getting mail and getting the van fixed, if possible.

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