Monday, January 24, 2011 – Misc. Day

Ignored the alarm when it went off at 8:15. We both had been awakened by a heavy downpour about an hour earlier, so needed a few extra zzzz’s. Finally got up, had breakfast, piled some hay in the barn so the horses would get fed while we went to Austin for a day or two, packed a bag, and left, late, to get to my physical therapy appointment. Arrived 15 minutes late, partly because my Verizon GPS was giving me fits. I had been charged for downloads I never made last month, so when I called to complain, they put a lock on my Media Center because they assumed I was accidentally hitting buttons that were creating wrong downloads, and in the process I think they shut out my Navigator, though I had used it once or twice yesterday, but it was taking 8 or 10 tries to hook up. Anyway, they graciously took me anyway, despite my tardiness. After we finished, we headed out to Austin, with a now unblocked Navigator that worked fine the whole trip. Two and a half hours later, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for a dish of House Special Fried Rice, which, according to Hubby, was the closest thing he’s ever been in this country to his beloved Singapore memories of Nasi Goreng. Afterward, we re-pointed ourselves to downtown Austin, to find our hostess’ condo, which was just two blocks from the Capitol in Austin. She hadn’t arrived yet, and had been unreachable by phone or text so far, but a quick call to son David set the concierge straight, followed almost immediately by a call from our hostess as well, and we were allowed upstairs to let ourselves in and make ourselves at home. Made ourselves comfortable as we await her arrival, going out on the balcony to see the lovely view of the Capitol building at night. Expect we’ll talk for a few hours when she gets back, then get a good night sleep on what looks like a nice plush guest bed.

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