Monday, December 26, 2022 – Housework Day

Hey Babe,
Decided I needed to do some housework today. I had kind of thought about cleaning out my wardrobe and trying to get ride of some stuff I don’t wear anymore, but ended up just doing a good clean in the bathroom and on the paddle fans. Took out Lola’s bed and gave it a good spray with Febreze and let it air out, put the cushion in the dryer to fluff, and generally did a nice clean up of the bathroom. Was going to do more, but then my friends Maggie and Pistol arrived, so that kind of brought that cleaning binge to a halt. I finished up a few things, put some stuff away, checked in a number of equestrian campers, and generally just got back to a regular day. Still chilly today, but definitely starting to soften up, thank goodness. Supposed to be in the 80’s by the weekend! Sat around the campfire for a bit, then came home so I can get an early night sleep. Heading to the shower here shortly! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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