Friday, June 10, 2022 – Celebratory Anniversary Ride

Happy Anniversary, Darlin’! It would have been 33 years of marriage today, over 36 years together, more than half my lifetime, despite our late start. Love you, miss you, wish you were here! It was a great day, did my chores, had a fairly cloudy eastern sky which kept it a bit cooler this morning, so I saddled up Flash and we did about a 10.5 ride, first ride in nearly a month! Been so busy, but so glad we finally got out there. Shocked to discover, though, that that same section of yellow trail that’s been giving me such a hard time still isn’t right. I downloaded a GPS map from 2013 that took that trail, and it’s not what’s there now, so I’m going to have to go out and recoup it again, grrr! Hopefully, we’ll finally get this right! Plus I found a section of trail marked as teal that’s not on any map, and hasn’t been refreshed, but it’s not in too bad shape marking wise, so I have to send another GPS file to James with that addition. Got back by about noon, spent the afternoon knocking around, James came by and I showed him where all the water valves were, plus we cleared out the old well house of old paint and plumbing parts. Then I binged the rest of the day of Supernaturals and settled in for the evening with chores. FINALLY got some rain in the evening, long overdue and much needed, steady rain for a couple of hours, though still not enough. Now I’m ready for shower and bed! Good night, my love, Happy Anniversary!

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