Friday, January 28, 2011 – Ride Day at Rutherford Beach

After a rocky start yesterday, we were looking forward to a pleasant ride today. The forecast looked good yesterday, with 5-10 mph breezes, but by this morning, that had changed to 15-20 mph winds, and they were a bit cool, so we had to bundle up in parkas for our beach ride. For some reason (likely the clover), the horses were VERY antsy today, skittish at everything, leaping sideways for no reason. We took the dogs with us on this trip, and that probably didn’t help much, but it wasn’t the reason. We headed east until we reached a fence, surprised at the number of platform (we assumed oil) just off the coast. The beaches were much wider than anything we’ve been on except maybe Assateague Island in Maryland, but there was quite a bit of trash, though not as bad as some we’ve seen. Once we turned around and headed back west, the horses seemed to have burned off most of the excess energy, and we enjoyed the ride back a bit more. We passed the road we came in on, going a bit more west, but ran across more blockades, so we headed back to the homesite, having been out maybe 90 minutes at the most, just a few miles round trip, but enough to give the horses some exercise. Nevertheless, it was a good place to stop halfway between between Bigfoot Horse Camp and Houston, which has a dearth of places to overnight with horses, and no doubt we’ll be back again if and when we head west along I-10 again.

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